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iPhone : I think mine was punchier. More gravitas. But that just me.

Also I think moron is a no go in the woke orthodoxy.

But don’t quote me

Because I couldn’t give a monkeys.…

iPhone : 'White privilege' is a fake concept, created by white liberals to make them feel superior to both non-whites & other white folks.

It makes non-white people feel inferior & embrace victimhood.

It minimises the struggles of poor white people.

'White privilege' is a racist idea.

iPhone : Rather than yet again giving over our national broadcaster to the pulpit of St Greta, why not commission a series where politicians and ministers are grilled on the practicalities of meeting the Net Zero target, and how much our taxes are expected to rise in order to pay for it?…

iPhone : I am moving my children to this school. These kids are way smarter than the children at any other school in the entire history of schools. To think that they just came up with these questions all by themselves. There is hope for the future.🌹…

iPhone : I ask you all to join me in mourning a duck.

Just hours ago going about his/her/Qui/Quack’s business.

Now cruelly made both crispy and aromatic in order to satisfy Sunday nights “I can’t be ducked to cook another meal, let’s get a takeaway” thirst for yet more flesh.

🙏🏻 🦆