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iPhone : MikeP Chris Mason Claire Fox On top of this Juncker & Tusk are stepping down from their posts as their time is up. Both are getting massive payouts of over £450.000 a year between them until they manage to get jobs

iPhone : Labour Peterborough election team. Among them can be seen convicted postal vote fraudster Tariq Mahmood in centre of picture with the arm of former Labour leader Cllr Mohammed Jamil around his shoulder. Almost 10,000 postal votes were counted, Labours win was 29% postal votes.

iPhone : Liz Truss Can't bear to give Corbyn the space & publicity he craves.What a completely unstable man he is. However his various marriages & affairs hardly get a mention in the media.As do none of the lies he tells.

iPhone : Arron Banks The Zombie Nun I was dumbfounded when Jo Brand made those comments.I had quietly thought to myself that what she joked about could happen as I suspect many others did. We didn't Voice it because now some nutter may do it. I hope& so should she that this will never happen.

iPhone : lee butcher ❌Steve McGill❌ These two lesbian girls had their photo's taken & were interviewed very conveniently & whilst sitting in the bus. Whoever took the pictures etc should have helped them.Why on earth they should blame this on Boris is so political it stinks

iPhone : Heather Venter Daily Mail Online What's so wrong in having a popular PM Penny Mordaunt.It will be great to have a PM who will speak proudly of our country.Insults & bullying from theEU about what they will allow us to have if we behave have made us want to leave all the more.The sooner the better.

iPhone : The bus was empty I. Video saw no fights just body paint and lipstick o. Them sat on a seat posing for camera saying attack no dripping blood facw wounds bleed out and.blood runs none eve. Dripped no med care in hospital no witnesses or police…

iPhone : Do hope he still has same opinion.(2016)

"Boris Johnson: Everyone must be equal, under the same law, and everyone must obey the same law."…

iPhone : Femi Jamken22 The things we were promised in the election by all parties were Controlled immigration, no CU & SC, take back control of our fishing industry, our laws & our trade.These can only be obtained with a no deal brexit & trading under WTO rules.

iPhone : Jamken22 As a labour supporter are getting these figures because postal votes will be tampered with as in Peterborough or the double voting of students. If it's s clean election Corbyn will stand no chance

iPhone : Boris Johnson has the numbers to make the final ballot of members. But who would you like to be on it with him? Please vote and RT, also feel free to give reasons in the comments. Many thanks.

iPhone : Douglas Carswell Carswell you are a fraud. When you became the only UKIP MP you refused to collect the funds eligible for all parties in Parliament & donate them to the UKIP funds. Money they sorely needed. You were a stooge & only left the Tories & joined UKIP to damage them.

iPhone : Quentin Letts Sir Mark Sedwill is ace. At last a civil servant who is not afraid of being demoted & had given his honest views. Why don't others follow his example & come out of the shadows

iPhone : Rebecca Woods So much rubbish about shortage of drugs when we leave the EU.Our NHS buys mountains of drugs.The companies we purchase them from will loose a fortune if they stop.We don't get them at special prices.We will easily buy them elsewhere. I Am sure the government is planning for this

iPhone : Chloe Schendel-Wilson Sorry but if he includes Amber Rudd & Rory Stewart in his cabinet he will make the same mistake that T May made & never get anything done.A Brexite government will be able to plan & get us out not just keep going round & round in circles

iPhone : Political trust has been destroyed by remainiacs but Chuka has taken us to ultra lows, what are the Lib Dems thinking, he has zero credability

Cowardly MP Chuka Umunna refuses to hold by-election despite switching party twice since winning seat…