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iPhone : The Telegraph Sean Boris Johnson speaks English, French, Italian & Latin fluently.This must help so much in negotiations. Shame he doesn't speak German & Spanish as well.👨‍🎓

iPhone : Could Test Cricket be a metaphor for our EU negotiations?

Just when things look impossible we put the right man in to bat.

Could Boris turn out to be our Brexit Ben Stokes?

iPhone : Why is the Commonwealth one of the many keys to UK success, post-Brexit?

Trade between the UK and Commonwealth members is 19% cheaper to transact than with Non-Commonwealth markets due to common business practices, legal and accounting regimes and usually a shared language.

iPhone : Phillip Jones: NOVOTE4LIBLABCON We are not American&do not elect a president in this country.We elect a party. Conservative,labour, Liberal-Dems+ The leader is chosen by the members of the party(Jo Swinson was recently chosen by LibDems)The parties can always change their leaders for example Brown,Major&Corbyn

iPhone : Another MP who's clearly a Muppet? Boris was elected as leader of Conservative Party by its membership. The Conservative's are in Gov't, by virtue of the fact they won the largest number of seats in the 2017 General Election. Therefore Boris as their leader is also UK's PM.

iPhone : Oh dear this must be gutting for remoaners. President Trump doesn’t want to takeover the NHS. Shucks; bang goes another perfectly good scare story.…

iPhone : Attn Mr Tusk!

If you’ll pardon my humble advice,but you’re merely a Politician,it will be European Businesses! including Our Own! who will actually decide what Brexit “Deal” Occurs!

You Sir!
In my Opinion!

Apear to be a “Grandstanding Sideshow!”

iPhone : SkyNews on Trump saying will do great trade deal with the UK: "Remember the UK is only a small country trading with a very big one." Small in size but not in trade and power. Why do these whingeing Remainers always put down their own country?

iPhone : Tess Summers. #FTEU Nobody worried about the size of our country when they wanted our help in WW1& WW2. If they think we are too small to worry about why don't they just agree to us leaving

iPhone : Hello Mainstream Media! Why aren’t you showing us these huge anti-Macron #YellowVests protests happening in #France today? #GiletsJaunes #Paris

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iPhone : The G7 has 8 participants. The eighth is the 🇪🇺 EU (represented by the EU Council President and the EU Commission President).

The G20 has 20 participants. The twentieth is the 🇪🇺 EU (represented by the EU Commission President and the ECB President).

The 🇪🇺 EU is NOT a country!