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Bio Everyone is getting married or having babies, and im just trying to be somebodys cinnamon apple....
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iPhone : Do you know how much money you need to tell a girl to shut the f* up? Lol i have quiet please money at best !...... I have to take a loan out for shut the f* up !😂😂😂😂😂

iPhone : DOF rumours starting up again when we're shit. Don't believe anything about improving the club till it happens now. Same with all this Sancho bollocks. They'll spend 70mil max as usual next summer


iPhone : I’ve seen so many insensitive and dumb stupid comments from You celebrities and I’m so disappointed! This is not a time to fight or point fingers!! Let love lead. Use your head! ❤️ u fucking dumb fucks! People are dying foreal! Watch what you say!

iPhone : #UyineneMrwetjana #UyineneMrwetyana #ShutDownSA #SouthAfricans #XenophobiaSouthAfrica

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iPhone : Not all South Africans are xenophobic. I respect the few who are not. God bless you all. One love Africa. #SayNoToXenophobiaAttacks #XenophobiaInSouthAfrica #NoToXenophobicAttacks

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iPhone : DEMAGOGUE PhD.🔺senior advocat🎓: Ghanaian president takes on South Africa and its #Xenophobic citizens. This is the kind of courage,leadership and statesmanship lacking in Buhari.
Im ashamed of my President

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iPhone : During apartheid, we were taking care of their parents, today their children are killing our children...Over 100 people killed today!!!!shameful! #shutdownsouthafrica #XenophobicAttacks #SayNoToXenophobia

iPhone : #Xenophobia #shutdownsouthafrica #ShutDownSA

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iPhone : Siv Ngesi said it right!!!!! We need to stand together and #SAShutdown let’s not wait till our loved ones are brutally hurt, raped or murdered. Our Country is no longer safe for anyone. This makes me so sad 😞

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