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iPhone : Etika, I miss you bro.
The Youtube rewind shit wouldnt even have done you justice b
As much as I wanna punch you in the face for how you left us, I love you bruh
Until next time
(Nigga made me take this picture when I was bummin it to the store lookin dusty. Tall ass bitch lmao)

iPhone : when u order a fleshlight on amazon prime

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iPhone : Coronux I’m waiting until i can fully blast it out instead of using shitty airpods. This album deserves to be blasted out on my loudest best pair of speakers.

iPhone : Oh Sorry for the late tweet!!


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iPhone : Cops: *kills your employee*

UPS: β€œWe’d like to thank the cops for killing our employee.”…

iPhone : I found the first photo me n Etika ever took together! May 25, 2011. He took me to a bunch of end-of-semester club events and this one took pics. LOOK AT HIS SHIRT! Mad girls were like 😍, I had to act FAST! I told him to kiss me later that day and the rest was history lol 🀣

iPhone : β€œI mISs wHeN TGf UsEd To HuRt tHemSelVes fOr vIDeOs”

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