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Bio *queue in strong words to trigger cishet pakis*
also, i cry. i cry a lot over fictional characters and stories.
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Twitter Web App : The Armenian Genocide 1914
The Assyrian Genocide 1914
The famine of Mount Lebanon 1915
The Greek Genocide 1913
The Hamidian massacres 1894
The Diyarbakır massacres 1895
The Batak massacre 1876
The Hakkari massacres 1843
The Massacre of Aleppo 1850
The Adana massacre 1909 twitter.com/anadoluagency/…

Twitter Web App : Kindly report this guy for targeted harassment twitter.com/TeIemac/status…

Twitter Web App : i just wanna give big love to the Muslim girls that have been speaking up for the exmuslim community over the last few days, you are gems ♥️

Twitter Web App : I’m so grateful to my religious parents for being so understanding of me during a year where I was blaspheming every single day. The most they said to me was just not rant about religion at home because it was distressing for them to hear. I’m so lucky 😢 God bless them twitter.com/lunaticeuphori…

Twitter Web App : may i represent you, brie larson the protector of gays, chris hemsworth the protector of lesbians and tessa thompson the protector of bisexuals. big three who? golden trio who? i only know the holy lgbt trinity. twitter.com/BrieisTea/stat…

Twitter Web App : no you're fucking not, so stop giving unsolicited and factually inaccurate Islamic advice to people as a cure for a medically recognized illness. twitter.com/usmanbruh/stat…

Twitter Web App : people are actually willing to disown their child for leaving a religion. let that soak in. they prefer religion over the physical concrete existence of their own child.
religion👏🏽is👏🏽a👏🏽fucking👏🏽disease👏🏽 twitter.com/000000PA/statu…

Twitter Web App : Because 1. you attacked them unprovoked when they were just minding there business
2. As a Muslim I’m ashamed that you went out of your way to harass people
3. You called people ugly and your avi snitched on you :) twitter.com/vansfq/status/…

Twitter Web App : A nice reminder that, amid all the venom fundamentalists have been spewing about apostates and our physical appearance, there are genuinely good Muslim people speaking up too. twitter.com/orcalov/status…

Twitter Web App : I have noticed that, although this account has 568 followers, I am not receiving 568 likes on my posts. I'm not sure if this is being done intentionally or if these "friends" are forgetting to click 'like'. Either way, I've had enough.

Twitter Web App : yes because science and medicine don't exist; it's just affiliation with religion that's keeping people alive mashallah.
i can't believe we're having this argument when it's almost 20fucking20. twitter.com/usmanbruh/stat…

Twitter Web App : This tweet reflects stupendous ignorance by a foreigner who is a hired propagandist and pretends to be more loyal to Pakistan than most Pakistanis towards a genuine grassroots activist like Gulalai_Ismail. twitter.com/CynthiaDRitchi…

Twitter Web App : when someone takes a pic of me unexpectedly and im like fuckin let me see (hoping it might be secretly cute) but i end up looking like a sainsburys own custard filled donut twitter.com/aimeeerush/sta…

Twitter Web App : The draconian blasphemy law is outdated and needs to be amended or none of us would ever be safe. twitter.com/dwnews/status/…

Twitter Web App : Pakistanis Wow Kate Middleton wore Shalwar Kameez, such respect for our culture, now she will marry Imran Khan and become Pakistani - look girls she came to Pakistan and wore Pakistani clothes

Also Pakistanis Malala wore jeans in UK hence proven she is anti-Pakistan kafir