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Twitter Web App : The Leave Alliance Knoweuro And then McDonnell wants to nationalise parts of Sky and Virgi wouldn't stop at the telecoms part, they couldn't resist taking over the satellite and cable TV part as well to give them control of the media, very dangerous moves with a hidden agenda,

Twitter Web App : The Leave Alliance Knoweuro I keep saying the Parties are past their collective sell by and use by dates. Needs a new collective of people with a clue, but more chance of the No 10 cat being PM than that.

Twitter Web App : Graham Davie The rejected EU Constitution, renamed and largely unaltered. You knew damned well what you were signing us into Gordon. You knew we would reject it given half a chance.

Twitter Web App : Chris kwilliam They won't as it's Labour and they need the votes of the groomer's relatives, plus a labour politico told the victims to keep quiet for the sake of Diversity, so nothing will be done. They kept it quiet for 20 years.

Twitter Web App : Richard North Knoweuro Britain Elects YouGov It will come with a free Digital always on assistant with camera and microphone like the Telescreen in Orwell's 1984. It isn't free though he will have to include it in a revamped TV licence probably and get Crapita to collect it.

Twitter Web App : Graham Davie Well he better hope that the police don't decide to arrest on a Public Order offence then force feed them in the cells.......

Twitter Web App : EIU Perspectives Social Housing providers can also work with Tenants and Stakeholders to look at implementing generation on a Community basis also

Twitter Web App : Graham Davie That's 2 million units of accommodation we don't have, and we have homeless forces veterans dying on the streets. In practical terms with unfettered migration, we would need to build around 5million or more homes within 2 years.

Twitter Web App : kwilliam look at it from what the Long-Bailey claimed, more people can work from home, why, because they won't be able to affford to travel to work,outside London, no proper bus services at times needed, and Beeching ripped up most of the railways in Wales in the 1960s. It's a disaster.

Twitter Web App : Alexander Nekrassov kwilliam The Leftards are giving a hidden subliminal warning to the UK Right Wing politicians that Jolyon might come after them post Brexit with a court case or Injunction to prevent No Deal at end of transition if WA ratified. Only joking.