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Android : 2. '06 i predicted econ crash of 07/08. Meanwhile, the left, fam & friends said i didnt know anything & btw, i shld buy a house.
I predicted Trump wld cheat & win potus. Like usual, im told i dnt know anything.

Android : 1. I see patterns, bcz Im a Dominatrix, i also have had access to wall streeters, Bankers, & yes military higher ups. Because of my face blindness, i see the truth of ppl, not patina of pretty. It enables me to predict actions and events with an amazing amount of accuracy

Android : (((Jesper Weigner))) Barbara Malmet Why such hope? He has tainted every institution. I also live in Colorado Springs, extremely military town w numerous bases & installations. They are almost all behind dumbHitler except a few outliers. Including higher ups (not just grunts). Reality is not on our side on this.

Twitter Web App : Whn ppl tell me that our life span is longer, I ask for whom.
The rich live longer and the wealth gap among older households is growing…

Twitter Web App : "Threatened species habitat larger than the size of Tasmania has been destroyed since Australia’s environment laws were enacted, and 93% of this habitat loss was not referred to the federal government for scrutiny."…

Twitter Web App : It's a murder suicide by humans via climate catastrophe
Return of the Blob, and other climate calamities…

Twitter Web App : Social Security is paid for with a SS Tax of 6.2% that is taken out of your paycheck. #MoscowMitch wants to pay for the $1.5 trillion tax cut for the 1% from the 6.2% SSTax.

The GOP effectively wants to take your earned income and give it to the 1%. Socialism for the rich.…

Twitter Web App : Here's a fine idea
We Could Eliminate Extreme Global Poverty If Multinationals Paid Their Taxes… via Truthout

Android : The ghosts of a thousand torments haunt every unnatural act a wild #animal performs. Theyre beaten into submission🐘💔

All trained by torture🤬
Paid for by #tourists🤯

Save The Asian Elephants PROTECT ALL WILDLIFE Bella Lack 🌱 Robb Edwards Ⓥ 🌎Animal Watch🌍 Peter Egan #NationalWildlifeDay🐬

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