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Twitter Web App : Next time Trump says “do nothing Democrats” tweet this picture of all the bills House Democrats have passed & sent to the Senate but that Mitch McConnell won’t permit any action on at him. It’s more like, do-nothing-but-confirm-judges Republicans.…

Twitter Web App : Judd Legum Such bad people. makes sense gym Jordan 💋 President Dunning Kruger's 🐎
poop sticks together

Twitter Web App : hypatia The same awful, immoral, and batshit crazy things she spewed are the same things GOP and mad red hatters spew. Denial of truth, confirmation bias, projection, etc are the norm

Twitter Web App : hypatia How about just flat out immoral fascists. I say this as the granddaughter of a German Nazi sympathizer. SS wiped out her fam and wealth. She fled to US. She blamed "the juden" for what SS soldiers did. I grew up listening to her stories. She was a terrible person.

Android : We are the monsters. Swap human for an invading alien species from another planet and get a better understanding what greed and idiocy hath wrought.

PS, Wells War of the Worlds did exactly that.…

Twitter Web App : So tired of bad parenting. Here's some help 👇

How this common parenting mistake can psychologically damage your kids

Twitter Web App : Cenk knows and admitted he was wrong when he was a conservative. Cons ARE racist& misogynistic. It is what makes them a blight on civilization and morality. Cenk came to the light and left that CON crap behind.

This👇all day…

Twitter Web App : Can we just refer to this terrible person as Eva Braun?
She's just so unethical.

Melania Trump responds to POTUS attack on Greta Thunberg; she says she communicates 'differently'… via @usatoday

Twitter Web App : This is who the modern GOP is. Pardoned murderers and a 41yo who RAPED a 9 yo bcz perps fam raised cash for for Matt.
Law & order party my ass

Former Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (2015-2019) Pardons Hundreds Before Leaving Office : NPR…

Twitter Web App : Here's your palate cleanser.

Not food. Friends.

Watch "This Dog and Turkey Were Going to Be Food, Now They’re BFFs | NowThis" on YouTube

Twitter Web App : Here's your palate cleanser
Watch "うす~いハムスターの作り方 How to make thin hamster" on YouTube

Twitter Web App : If we are ever able to remove the traitor and his sick sycophants, it is imperative we pressure the judges out. We humiliate them, we do what we must to remove the cancer.👇
Senate confirms Trump's 50th circuit judge, despite 'not qualified' rating…

Twitter Web App : Mice Caught Attacking Adult Albatross in Gruesome Video…