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iPhone : OMG you guys. Theo kept saying something that sounded like “pupple, pupple” and I guessed a bunch of things and finally I said, “wait, do you want me to sing ‘People’” and he screamed “YEAH!” and then I sang it while he squealed and applauded. My heart is so full.

Twitter Web App : Today at 5 P.M., Susan Glasser will answer your questions about her story in this week’s issue, Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of Trump. Ask your questions below, and Susan will start answering at 5! nyer.cm/ABfXZpn twitter.com/NewYorker/stat…

Twitter Web Client : Having learned from this piece that all of civilization may one day be reduced to 12 centimeters of slime on the ocean floor, I may blow off mowing the lawn. theatlantic.com/science/archiv…

Twitter Web App : People were braver than he was. He was sure of it. newyorker.com/books/flash-fi…

Android : How will history remember the Republican party, which looked away in silence, terrified to grow a spine and say anything contradictory as Trump stomped all over civilization?

Twitter Web App : I no longer believe we need to impeach Trump NOW. I now believe we need to 25th-Amendment Trump NOW.


SocialFlow : The basic principle of Modern Monetary Theory is seductively simple: governments don’t have to budget like households because, unlike households, they can simply print their own money. nyer.cm/18i6HI9

iPhone : keep me coming, u love 2 see it (it being the replies to this, each one of which gives me a new life force) twitter.com/rachsyme/statu…

iPhone : Remembering blind street singer Pearly Brown, born on this day in 1915 in Abbeville, Georgia. Here he is with his wife Christine performing “Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning in footage filmed by Alan Lomax during the 1966 Newport Folk Festival.

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iPhone : Its happening. MSNBC is discussing seizing the means of energy production.

On behalf of the planet & people everywhere, were going to win! 🌹⚡️ twitter.com/LizRNC/status/…

iPhone : I’ve finished hardcore binging “Boardwalk Empire.” To no one’s surprise, it’s just won the “Best TV Show - Extremely My Brand” Award. I thought it an absolute masterpiece. Will start rewatching tomorrow.

iPhone : Yep. This is real. This happened. I was young and...look I have no excuse for the vest except that I was a big Han Solo fan. The bolo tie? That was um...Yeah I got nothing. twitter.com/foywonder/stat…

iPhone : Andrew Lucks 171 career pass TD through his first 86 career NFL games is 3rd most in NFL history. Only Aaron Rodgers (174) and Dan Marino (196) had more.

SocialFlow : Bidens former neurosurgeon says “with absolute certainty” that the candidate has “no damage whatsoever” vntyfr.com/kIOX6fl

Twitter Web App : Sure Im going to the G7 summit, after G6 worked out so well! Only this time Im bringing cupcakes and friendship bracelets, and Ill be doing my fire baton routine to a Celine Dion medley, using the different accents of all the world leaders. Nobody puts Ivanka in a corner!

Twitter Web App : My first piece in the New York Times is on a moment that fascinates me: SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPE and the indie revolution that didnt play out the way anyone wanted.


iPhone : Everyone shut the fuck up and watch this video of some calves thinking they have to jump over the white line

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iPhone : Oh god this thing I’m writing is for maybe three people in the whole entire world, and I’m one of them. I think. #dailypanic

iPhone : WHAT: “There were lavish dinner parties... Epstein would ask provocatively elementary questions like ‘What is gravity?’ If the conversation drifted beyond his interests, Epstein was known to interrupt, ‘What does that got to do with pussy?!’” motherjones.com/crime-justice/…

iPhone : New Interview: Amy Wax, a tenured professor at Penn Law, on her controversial immigration views finding support in D.C., her belief that non-white people litter more, Trump’s “serial monogamy,” & why she believes women are “less intellectual than men.” newyorker.com/news/q-and-a/a…

iPhone : I don’t know who needs to hear this, but for Varietys “To Be or Not To Be”-inspired shoot, Natashta Lyonne cast herself in the Mel Brooks role so Betty Gilpin could portray Anne Bancroft variety.com/2019/tv/awards…

Facebook : How sad it is to lose a friend and one of my favorite artists. Stanley Love was and is, and probably will be, my favorite choreographer. His work spoke to me, more than Trisha or Merce or anyone, since i first met him way... facebook.com/malbo/posts/10…

iPhone : “Aaron Burr, Sir”!

Aaron Burr, who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, had a secret family of color - The Washington Post washingtonpost.com/history/2019/0…

Twitter Web App : just put me down for Very Fucking Emotional about this event, which I can post about even though Im not online. love to C and L and K and all the people who organized this including my beautiful boyfriend Chris <3 twitter.com/AshAgony/statu…

Twitter Web App : Total chaos breaks out on Fox News as Jeanine Pirro tries to bring in Dan Bongino to discuss recession talk but hes apparenly not there, so she tries to bring in Charlie Kirk on The New York Times but doesnt have him, and finally sets up a panel on tariffs.

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Twitter Web App : If you read the injury crap pouring out of fake NFL games onto Twitter tonight you can see that Andrew Luck is the smartest man in the league.

Android : Four years ago at #D23Expo, I saw Brad Kane sing A Whole New World. Tonight, he sang One Jump Ahead. He sounds the same and I still have a crush on him.

iPhone : A thread of medieval lions who would rather not:

This one is 1000% done with everyones shit today.

(Clermont-Ferrand, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 84, f. 27r)

Twitter Web App : Scientists warn that losing another fifth of Brazil’s Amazon will trigger the feedback loop known as dieback, in which the forest begins to dry out and burn in a cascading system collapse, beyond the reach of any subsequent human intervention or regret. interc.pt/31V1DUa

Twitter Web App : If history reminds us of the seeming inevitability of conflicts, if it reveals the most tender vulnerabilities, then it also provides evidence of...deliberate decisions that humans make to get up every day & build sturdy testaments of hope wsj.com/articles/in-et… #Ethiopia The Wall Street Journal

Hootsuite Inc. : Oftentimes LGBTQ lives are known for the tragedies, seldom the smiles and the culture. Not all things must end in disaster. Thanks lots, VICE PoseFX #posefx bit.ly/31VTFKp

Twitter Web App : .masha gessen has a great Russian joke. Its not haha funny, more like haha terrifying.

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Twitter for iPad : We work for behemoth multi-national organizations with infinite resources. They have more than enough. Right now they have our union too. Let’s take it back. #VoteModine #MembershipFirst

Sprout Social : Hi Max, I hope I get to see you in North Carolina this weekend!

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iPhone : Jim Brown retired to star in a movie. Wasn’t even hurt. All the manly fans and writers must have called him a quitter, huh? Used all kinds of emasculating vernacular. Since there was no Twitter back in 1965, I bet many at the time probably told him as much to his face. And lived!

Android : Why do so many writers, once they get published, become all-knowing sages on the art of success? It’s irritating. Yes, you worked your backsides off, but please also acknowledge the luck. Because there is a huge amount of luck, too, and it’s fine to admit that.

iPhone : “More and more, I have no idea what I think of anything. It’s as if the world were this very strange beast under a big tarp. Writing is a way of poking at the tarp.” An interview with George Saunders. nyer.cm/bXiaglX