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SocialFlow : Republican strategist Susan Del Percio: "Donald Trump is more popular in Israel than [Netanyahu] is right now. Donald Trump is also more popular in Israel than he is in this country right now."

SocialFlow : Eugene Robinson on President Trump's approval rating: "People know that they don't want that anymore ... that's why that number has flipped so much... these numbers really are appalling for Trump."

SocialFlow : WATCH: Jonathan Swan, Axios national political reporter, discusses how corporate employees are revolting against the Trump admin.'s immigration policies.

SocialFlow : House Judiciary Cmte. will return to Washington earlier than planned to consider legislation that would ban high capacity magazines; institute “red flag” laws; and prohibit people convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes from possessing a gun.

SocialFlow : Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar were supposed to tour occupied territory in the West Bank with Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence.The group's head, an Israeli military vet now opposed to the occupation, tells Ali Velshi what they would have seen.

SocialFlow : CBS News' Norah O'Donnell caught on hot mic talking about sex harassment.

SocialFlow : Nikole Hannah-Jones and Trymaine Lee talk about the New York Times Magazine's 1619 project, which recognizes the ways black Americans have fought and died for the Constitution's ideals, even as the country refused to apply those ideals to black people.

SocialFlow : "It’s hate plus guns that create the problem. That is the toxic cocktail. Hate alone picks up a rock, picks up a club. Hate plus an assault weapon: 22 dead in 3 minutes." - Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who's proposing a new state law aimed at domestic terrorism

SocialFlow : .@Maddow pulls together reports about the troubling spending patterns at the NRA, including the nonprofit paying for then-president Wayne LaPierre’s Bahamas vacation soon after the Sandy Hook massacre.

TweetDeck : Tonights #LastThingBeforeWeGo? For one American generation... a big anniversary and a big loss all in the same day.
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SocialFlow : Mehdi Hasan says President Trump "allies with a foreign government in order to throw two duly elected members of the United States Congress under the bus, simply because they are women of color, they are Muslims, and they are strong critics of his."

TweetDeck : WATCH: Michael Moore warns Newarks water crisis could make it the Flint of New Jersey.
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TweetDeck : WATCH: Jonathan Allen explains why Trumps path to win in 2020 is becoming more and more narrow.
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SocialFlow : "When it comes to dollars and cents for actual Americans, they’re not seeing their lives improve, and I think that’s what’s making the president quite nervous." - Political scientist Christina Greer

SocialFlow : Live now on MSNBC: Michael Moore visits 11th Hour to talk about the lead contamination crisis in Newark, NJ, and how it compares to the situation in Flint, Michigan.

SocialFlow : "It is what worries him the most. He has hinged his whole re-election campaign on the economy and we're seeing the declines ... We're seeing him unravel." - Omarosa Manigault Newman on Trump

SocialFlow : State of California and several advocacy groups file separate lawsuits against a rule that would deny lawful permanent status to immigrants who use public benefits or are deemed likely to use them in the future.

TweetDeck : If only this house had had enough closet space for Wayne La Pierres Italian suits, NRA members and donors could have bought it for La Pierre to live in. But at least they made sure his wifes stylists stayed in nice hotels.

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