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SocialFlow : "He never stops taking my breath away. What you witnessed there is some of the president's ignorance, his delusions when it comes to American foreign policy."

- Nicolle Wallace reacting to Pres. Trump saying "we never agreed to protect the Kurds."

SocialFlow : “The implications of the investigation are beginning to weigh on the entirety of his presidency, and Trump's support from within his own party is beginning to crack.”

Chris Hayes on how the impeachment inquiry is affecting Pres. Trump's presidency.

SocialFlow : Amid the similarities between the Trump and Nixon impeachment probes, Ari Melber examines the parallels to the Andrew Johnson impeachment, who was impeached in part for bringing “ridicule and disgrace” to the office of the presidency.

SocialFlow : Opinion | Kelly Jane Torrance: If the Democrats are as confident that Trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors as they act, why not conduct witness interviews in public so everyone can see the evidence? - NBC News THINK

SocialFlow : Sen. Klobuchar talks with Rachel @Maddow about her support for a public option health care plan, and the level of respect among her Democratic colleagues as they debate their respective ideas during the 2020 Democratic primary.

SocialFlow : In a weekend tweet, President Trump called Secretary of Defense Mark Esper the wrong name, "Mark Esperanto."

Lawrence ODonnell O'Donnell: "Donald Trump and his White House staff produce and endless stream of typos and incorrect statements."

SocialFlow : LIVE BLOG / Trump impeachment inquiry: The latest breaking news and analysis from NBC News digital politics reporters, as well as our teams on Capitol Hill and at the White House -->

SocialFlow : Sen Romney and Rep. Francis Rooney are two Republicans speaking out against the president and entertaining the idea of impeachment.

SocialFlow : 50% of voters in 6 swing states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Arizona — currently support the impeachment inquiry according to a new NY Times / Sienna College poll. In the same states, 43% support removal of Pres. Trump.

SocialFlow : "As the caliphate was crushed and its forces were pushed south, the United States and its allies managed to maintain them from keeping a nucleus ... Donald Trump has saved ISIS."

- Malcolm Nance on Pres. Trump's decision to remove troops from Syria.

Twitter Web App : Reacting to Trump pulling U.S. forces from Syria, Malcolm Nance
says Donald Trump saved ISIS.

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SocialFlow : Kurds protested U.S. troops pulling out of northern Syria, throwing vegetables at military vehicles.

One protestor held a sign that read: "Tell your children that the children of the Kurds were killed by the Turks and we did nothing to protect them."

Twitter Web App : Tonights #LastThingBeforeWeGo? The drama that turned two big-name Washington figures into sworn enemies.

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SocialFlow : Rachel @Maddow looks at the how the State Dept. probe into Hillary Clinton's emails ended quietly last week after dominating headlines in 2016. Maddow then looks at how Russian accounts are targeting Joe Biden online in a similar manner to Clinton in 2016.

SocialFlow : "Mick Mulvaney is a congressman ... he becomes the president's so called Acting Chief of Staff, but really the guy he puts on television on Sunday to BS for him."

- Chris Matthews reacts to Mulvaney insisting he didn't admit to a quid pro quo.

Twitter Web App : As the impeachment inquiry takes shape on the Hill, Trump is losing control of the narrative. Philip Rucker, Kimberly Atkins, and Peter Baker react.

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SocialFlow : Diplomat Bill Taylor, a key witness in the impeachment inquiry, is expected to testify before the investigating committees on Tuesday.

SocialFlow : "He needs to get out of there if he can't play by the rules."

Richard Painter, fmr. White House ethics lawyer, joins Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss Pres. Trump calling the emoluments clause of the Constitution "phony" and saying being president has cost him billions.

SocialFlow : WATCH: Elijah Cummings in June:

200 to 300 years from now, people will look back on this moment and they will ask the question, what did you do? ... I may be dancing with the angels when all of this is corrected, but Ive got to tell you, we must fight for our democracy.

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SocialFlow : "The more we can build a case, the more we may be able to convince some of the Republicans to do the right thing."

- Rep. Khanna on trying to convince GOP members of Congress to support impeachment.