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SocialFlow : Dan Rather: "How is it that a country that can put men on the moon can't get enough masks and gowns for its health care frontline workers?"

Wildmoka : WATCH: Deb Snell of the Vermont Federation of Nurses: Its embarrassing that we have a president thats acting like a snake oil salesman, trying to peddle his cure that is not proven.

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SocialFlow : .Morning Joe: Examining how the Trump admin. handled the first 70 days of the coronavirus crisis.

SocialFlow : Rep. Gottheimer says "we put out this package very quickly to get dollars out there into people’s pockets," and there are "gaps" in what was passed that will be addressed in the next relief package.

SocialFlow : BBC World's Katty Kay: "The queen giving that remarkable 4-minute speech. She said more in 4 minutes than President Trump said in the course of his 2-hour press conference."

TweetDeck : There's been a very convincing drop in new #coronavirus cases in #Italy today - 3,599 new positive cases in the past 24 hours. That's the lowest number of new cases we've seen in a single day in this country over the past several weeks.

SocialFlow : .Maddow Blog: Touting untested medicinal treatment, Pres. Trump adds, "What do I know?"

SocialFlow : WATCH: Parenting expert Emily Oster discusses the health concerns among pregnant women during the coronavirus pandemic.

SocialFlow : UK PM Johnson hospitalized with persistent coronavirus symptoms.

SocialFlow : NEW: US surpasses 10,000 coronavirus-related deaths, as of 12:30 p.m. ET, April 6.

SocialFlow : Dr. Zeke Emanuel discusses the health official warnings that there will be a higher number of COVID-19 deaths this week.

"It seems almost inevitable. I think people are expecting such large increases that it'll be a pretty big shock to the system."

TweetDeck : Jared Kushner's shadowy coronavirus task force reveals the dangers of nepotism, writes Citizens for Ethics communications director Jordan Libowitz.

The Trump family has repeatedly used the White House to enrich themselves, but this is about way more than profits:…

SocialFlow : .Morning Joe: Examining how the Trump admin. handled the first 70 days of the coronavirus crisis.

SocialFlow : NY Gov. Cuomo says the "possible flattening of the curve is better than the increases that we have seen."

"New York is still far and away the most impacted state."

SocialFlow : NEW: Xerox is set to announce Monday that it will be “rapidly scaling up” production of inexpensive, disposable ventilators that could serve as a critical stopgap for hospital-grade ventilators now in short supply, company officials say.

SocialFlow : .Maddow Blog: On multiple fronts, Pres. Trump clashes with public-health experts

SocialFlow : Dr. Elliott Tenpenny talks to Craig Melvin about the COVID-19 response team at the field hospital set up at Central Park in NYC.

"This virus doesn't just attack older Americans ... this virus doesn't care who you are. It doesn't care how old you are."

Twitter Web App : Join me 12 ET just before Andrew Cuomo briefing with Dr. Zeke Emanuel on why Surgeon General says this week will be our Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and new IG report on administration's failures plus the untested science on the drug malaria drug Donald J. Trump says he might take

SocialFlow : WATCH: "If this is a public health war, we need a general, and what we have in Donald Trump is a pretender," says Sen. Smith. @AMJoyShow