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Bio Vagina Voter. Block Bernouts, MAGAts & snitch-taggers. #NeverBernie #VettingBernie #StrongerTogether #Unlikable #HillaryWarnedUs #TeamPelosi #FkPutin
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Android : Do people still think the DNC is clever enough to rig primaries when they can't even plan a convention in a city with enough hotel capacity to house all the attendees?

2020 DNC: 31 delegations to stay in Wisconsin and 26 in Illinois…

Android : I'm watching more and more people willing to say, very publicly and quite loudly, that Trump is obviously mentally impaired and declining fast. Interesting. #DementiaDonald #25thAmendmentNow

Android : trump’s dementia is changing him. He's worsening. He’s like Seth Brundle from The Fly. It can’t be stopped. trump’s ppl are too dense to conceptualize how bad he will get. Contingency plans will be leapfrogged by the pace his decline. It will be the story. Trump is the Brundlefly

Android : We all know about Sarandon, Gray, Wong and Sirota but it’s important to focus on the person who’s welcoming them: Bernie Sanders.

He’s the one employing these Stein supporters. He’s the one asking these divisive, slash-and-burn folks to represent his campaign.

Android : If David Sirota, Nina Turner and Briahna Joy Gray want to throw hands with the internet then by all means bring that shit on you whining thin skinned incompetent cabal of cult worshiping shitbags.

Android : Who you pick to represent you matters.

An immature hostile person picks immature hostile staff and surrogates.

This is not a group I want to reward with more power.

Android : The Mueller report reveals several instances of obstruction of justice, certainly enough to move forward with an impeachment investigation. #mapoli

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