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Android : While visiting the Gullah Geechee Nation, we discussed the need to confront the legacy and consequences of slavery, segregation, and the continuing suppression of our fellow Americans. It’s how we will begin to repair the damage done and prevent these injustices moving forward.

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Android : Children died in cages for no other reason than Donald Trump wanted to scapegoat immigrants so white people would vote for him.

And nobody talks about it anymore.

We must never forget this tragedy perpetuated by the American government on American soil.

For nothing but votes

Android : For those claiming one candidate or another was screwed by the DNC since the big announcement: the candidates' debate lineup was chosen randomly, in public.

Android : Detailed thread from Senator Amy Klobuchar about the importance of infrastructure and Trump's failure to act for 2.5 years

How is it impacting your community?

Read the Senator's thread & talk to your neighbors offline. People can get this issue & see Trump's failure…

Android : It gets worse

The arresting cops:
•Turned off their dash cams & body cams
•Lied in their reports & omitted their threats to murder the Black family
•Claimed they “feared for their lives” that the Black mom would kill them

Cell video saved this family

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