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iPhone : Pained to hear abt the loss of lives in PoK’s Mirpur area due to an #earthquake
Our prayers for the affected & their families...Stay Safe🙏

We strongly condemn insensitive & shameful comments of Pak PM’s
Advisor Firdous Ashiq Awan on earthquake in PoK.
Disgusting 👎👇

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iPhone : Gen Musharraf SOLD 4,000 Pakistanis to US & other countries in exchange for MONEY💰
हथियार,गोली,अफ़ीम,मजहब,गधे,इंसान,झूठ,इज़्ज़त सब कुछ बिकता है पाकिस्तान में🤗
बस कोई ठीक क़ीमत लगा दे😍
DG ISPR अच्छा बिज़नस कर रहे हो 🙏Asif Ghafoor मुबारक🌺…

iPhone : Propaganda
This is an old picture of police officers counselling the young boys involved in stone pelting.
Mr Shahid, working in Carvan fake news factory brainwashed and blinded U to an extent that you are not able to differentiate b/w a Police officer & an Army Brigadier ADG PI - INDIAN ARMY…

iPhone : ISI-Terror Breeding Machine
Pak PM Imran Khan Presented a “Performance Certificate” to Pak Army at USA by saying-“ISI trained Al-Qaeda to fight in Afghanistan against the Soviets so there had to be links between Al-Qaeda and ISI”

Asif Ghafoor मुबारक हो,तोहफ़ा क़बूल करो😍😁

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iPhone : ये पोस्टर कांग्रेस पार्टी का है या पाकिस्तानी की तहरीक-ए-इन्साफ़ पार्टी का है🤔?
Rahul Gandhi क्या कश्मीर से Article 370 असंवैधानिक तरीक़े से हटाया गया है ?
भाईसाहब,आप लोगों ने इसको असंवैधानिक तरीक़े से लागू किया व 70 साल ज़िंदा रखा !

कांग्रेस पाकिस्तान की प्रवक्ता बन गई है👎

iPhone : Ms Maleeha Lodhi Since when calling a Prime Minister a Foreign Minister became ‘typo’ mistake😁?
We understand..It’s after effect of Article 370 removal which seriously damaged memory 🧠 box of Pakis.
Ma’am,Relax😄Take it easy🤗
..and remember😍👇
#kashmirbanegapakistan woof🐕…

iPhone : Soldiering is DEAD in Pakistan !
“JeM terror camp in Pak’s Balakot reactivated,more than 500 terrorists are waiting to enter India”
General #BipinRawat
Asif Ghafoor General Gafoor ,
Your Army CAN’T fight a direct war with India so you HIRED these Jihadi terrorists. Shameful 👎

iPhone : Mr President Donald J. Trump
Thank You ♥️🌺🙏
We Indians respect all those who loves our motherland🇮🇳💪
And at same time
Pakistan is in deep love with
Osama Bin Laden
Hafiz Saeed
Masood Azhar
Syed Salahudeen
Taliban ..Never ending list !…

iPhone : Mr Trump’s these words punctured the baloon of terror state Pakistan, left liberals & terror apologists 👇
- Radical Islamic Terrorism
- Border Security
- Illegal Immigration
Donald J. Trump Thank You Mr President🙏
#HowdyModi #ModiInHouston

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iPhone : Jai Ho 🤗😘💪
Human waves welcoming PM Sh Narendra Modi at Houston.

Now World can’t afford to ignore Indians,their Presence & Power anywhere anymore !
#ProudIndian🇮🇳 #HowdyModi

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iPhone : In J&K terror funding case,NIA all set to chargesheet file chargesheet against terrorists Yasin Malik,Masrat Alam,Asiya Andrabi & anti-India MLA/poster boy of ISI Engineer Rashid.
Rahul Gandhi Why Congress Govt shielded & saved these enemies of India 🇮🇳?…

iPhone : मेरे अज़ीज़ पाकिस्तानियो🌺
CPEC मर गया है 🤗

CPEC comes to halt due to massive corruption & stiff resistance from Baloch freedom fighters.
Pak now owe $40 billion to China for this, in next 15 yrs

तुम कश्मीर-कश्मीर करते रहना
China पूरे पाक को खा जायेगा😄…

iPhone : PM Sh Narendra Modi felicitated by Indian Bohra Muslim community
in #Houston. Bohra community is having highest literacy rate among Muslims & best known for their entrepreneurship.
It’s surely a burnol moment for those who try to divide India by playing Muslim card incl Pak😍

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iPhone : Indian Sikh community in #Houston welcoming PM Sh Narendra Modi.
All these Sikhs are hard working, well respected,earned their name & reputation in USA.
They were,are & will always remain true sons & saviours of Dharma & Mother India🇮🇳So proud of them💪

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iPhone : अरे चाचा Shah Mahmood Qureshi थोड़ी तो शर्म करो यार 🙏मदीना में ख़ुदा के दरबार में खड़े होकर भी सफ़ेद झूठ बोले जा रहे हो ?
कश्मीर में 48 दिन से अगर फ़ोन/इंटरनेट सब बंद हैं तो इस भाई को कैसे पता की पुलवामा में बहुत हिंसा हुई है ? कुछ भी पेलोगे ?
हरवक़्त ही अफ़ीम के नशे में रहते हो क्या ?…