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Makichyan Arshak

Bio climate activist.
Location Москва, Россия
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Android : If we won't change a lot of things over the next year or two, then we can start preparing for the apocalypse, and now really is the time to start panicking.

Android : Sometimes it seems to me that something wrong with me, no plans for the future, I'm not playing violin...reading about climate crisis, watching movies and striking.
I don't want to talk with people, because too few of them really realize the seriousness of the situation...

Android : Typhoon #Hagibis made a direct hit on Tokyo, together with landslides, floods and an earthquake
-Most powerful storm for 60+ years
-Millions evacuating
-500mm of rain to fall on Tokyo in 24 hours, 700mm fell on Hakone in 48 hours
-Follows Typhoon Faxai which damaged 30,000 homes

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Android : Как я уже писал, мэрия нам незаконно не согласовала митинг на 11 октября. Что же делать? Ничего. Сидим дома, пьём чай и спокойно готовимся к апокалипсису.

P.S. Шучу. Я выйду на одиночный пикет на Пушкинскую площадь в 16 часов. Готов постоять в очереди и уступить место другим.

Android : A few days ago I was invited to a show on Russian TV. To say a few words of truth you have to listen a lot of nonsense (lies). Yes, we have to play by their rules for now, but they can't ignore us anymore.

Android : Russian Energy Forum is taking place this week, where leaders discuss the (happy in their opinion) future of fossil fuels.

We’d like them to discuss more our future and the terrible consequences of burning fuels. That’s why we’re here.


Android : If you think you don’t have time to strike, just take an hour of your time and have a strike near the place you live in! Russia, week 9 🇷🇺 💚
#ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture #Fridays4Future #ClimateChange Greta Thunberg

Android : Today #fffnsk

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