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iPhone : I don’t understand how a man of honor can sit there and agree that this is alright. That thousands of our partners are dying. Our enemy is unleashed. Our ally is attacking us. Our global foe is winning. He acts like it’s a paperwork change. Is it power? Money? What?…

iPhone : Just as a point of fact: the Kurdish forces lost 12,000 lives fighting ISIS so we didn’t have to. Trump abandoned them. For no good reason.

iPhone : They’ll lose jobs, prestige, access, power and money unless they go along with the Trump cult. Balderdash. Smith and French showed that worse than those losses would be the loss of one’s integrity.…

iPhone : "Others may want to come in and fight for one side or the other. Let them!"

This is literally how we ended up with jihadists fighting in Afghanistan, terrorists backed by Osama bin Laden, who became al-Qaeda, who then turned their hate on the rest of the world and attacked US.…

iPhone : "U.S. 'preparing to evacuate' remaining troops from northern Syria." This is the humiliating outcome Mattis and Kelly and McMaster fought to prevent. They now owe us their judgment as citizens: Can the U.S. afford four more years of President Trump?…

iPhone : One doesn’t require formal “military or intel analysis” to understand when your enemy is successful or is handed a victory they will be emboldened.

ISIS is not defeated and they now feel emboldened. We will likely see future attacks in Europe and the US.

iPhone : .Cynthia Alksne: Let me say this about conspiracies having tried a bunch of these cases. The more people that are in the conspiracy, and the more people with big mouths and big egos, the less likely it is to stay hidden. #AMJoy

iPhone : Does anyone else find it passing strange that Manafort is sitting in jail, and Mueller’s investigation got to not ONE of these many Ukrainian mobster associates?

iPhone : NEW: Facing ongoing, unfounded conspiracy theory attacks from President Trump and others, Hunter Biden will step down from Chinese-backed firm, and forgo foreign business if his father is elected president, lawyer says.

iPhone : Trump aides have gone to lengths this week to insist he didn't endorse the Turkish incursion when he talked to Erdogan last weekend. "Let them" fight, he tweets this morning.…

iPhone : Horrific images coming out of NE Syria this morning, after Turkish air strikes targeted a civilian convoy.

40+ reported casualties, many charred and dismembered. Unclear how many of those are dead. Two French journos said to be among the victims.

Trump? “Let them” fight.…