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Bio Mom of 2 (+ 2), GrandmaM to 5 granddaughters & 1 grandson, CA Girl living in OK. Independent thinker trying to spread goodwill. #okpol NO DMs
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Twitter for iPad : In Lawton, we were able to secure permission to gather signatures outside of the cafeteria at Comanche Memorial Hospital for 5 days. Next Monday-Friday, between 10 & 4, I will be there with friends. Please spread the word if you know anyone in Oklahoma. We NEED this!…

Twitter for iPad : Lynda Lambert Caroline Cardwell Robyn, aka sunsong23 RebeccaB Kimberly Craig Pamela Crawford A_Lapierre SweetTea Missy Buchanan Matthew Dowd John Bowers Matthew J Thiessen A Rising Sun Coalition Ariaa Jaeger Linda M 💃🏻 Christine Gloria Olivo Jan Kravitz Polly Papaya mamalitt00 Imagirlee Memories, pressed between the pages of my heart ... Your telling of yours put me right there with you and ALWAYS starts my morning with love. Thank you for sharing. 🥰

Twitter for iPad : Because Mississippi: School district pulls 'To Kill A Mockingbird' from reading list; 'makes people uncomfortable'…

Twitter for iPad : “Projects to upgrade airfields in Germany, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Hungary, and Slovakia have been shelved, leaving the bases unable to support U.S. and NATO airplanes...

USAF: “We had no advanced notice of what projects they chose.”…

Twitter for iPad : Addendum: probably not a bad idea to call ABC itself and ask if they approve of this affiliate airing this material. They should not and can also call it out.
1 (800) 230-0229
#BoycottABC #BoycottSinclair

Twitter for iPad : For everyone using the #BoycottABC tag, you should know that the offensive ad where AOC's face was burned was actually aired by a Sinclair broadcasting syndicate out of D.C.:…

Sinclair has been in bed with Trump for a while now.…

Twitter for iPad : Tacos ✅
Cheesecake ✅
Wine ✅
Titos ✅
Fireball ✅
Remote controls ✅
For some reason, the alcohol list is longer than the food list.
Ready for the debate.

Twitter for iPad : It’s Phyllis PastaZaFool I have a statistic that is even WORSE, if you can imagine. We had an election for City Council Ward 3 & only 575 voters showed up. The top 2 candidates will now have a runoff in Nov. and I am sure that number will be lower because those who voted for the other 2 won’t bother. 🤬

Twitter for iPad : Everyone needs to retweet this for the next three days while congress votes on impeachment hearings! Time to bring the public along with all this information!!…

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