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Android : Colin Morra Hmm, a profile claiming to promote unity while using divisive and hateful rhetoric...yup, just another pseudo-Christian promoting hate toward those who disagree with him.🙄

Android : Counts My Blessings My friend's kid beat that. At the end of a very fiery part of the sermon, the priest paused for effect. In the echoing stillness, her 5 year old's voice rang out:
"Mummy, what does "f*ck mean?"🙄

Android : GOOD MORNING ☀️ friends of #climatebrawl: what a night! When I awoke I had 65K new impressions, as the MAGA horde was out in force. Lots to do today; lets get to it. Be Active, Civil & Factual - #climatechange #climatecrisis

Android : The hammer in this clip came from the fascists, not antifa.

Andy Ngo isn’t a journalist. He’s an instigator whose sole purpose is baiting gullible journalists into overreacting to antifa.…

Android : Americans are antifa. Nazis aren't. Its that easy. So I guess that makes the GOP) 's Twitter Profile">GOP Nazis, which as I recall are a hate group. Oh right, its the GOP) 's Twitter Profile">GOP we are talking about... they are a hate group, don't stand for anything other than lies, division and corruption.…