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Bio Media Analyst. Author of The True Story of Fake News. One Million+ YouTube subscribers. Check out my YouTube channel (link below) and Ill see you there!
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Twitter Web App : Like my new Trigger Warning shirt? πŸ˜ƒ Order yours from!

Twitter Web App : Reece Yeah, some movie wanted to use my book, I never heard of it or any of the people in it, so I just said no, and went on with my day and never thought about it again.

Twitter Web App : They may have still used my book in the movie, (as they said in their letter they may do) even though I refused to sign a release.

Twitter Web App : I completely forgot about this until I happened to come across the letter again just now. The film's release was just canceled due to growing outrage over the plot. It appears they wanted to have one of the characters be a fan of mine.

Twitter Web App : Producers of The Hunt (the film where the ruling elite hunt down and kill a group of MAGA-types) wanted to use my book The True Story of Fake News in one of the scenes. Heres the letter they sent me back in March. I declined, but they said they still may use it anyway.

Twitter Web App : Nice try, clown. It was so packed people had to be turned away as usual! πŸ˜‚…

Twitter Web App : Leaked documents confirm YouTube is censoring and manipulating search results. VIDEO:

Twitter Web App : LGBT News site "Pink News" (which just posted a despicable video celebrating a 16-year-old boy "dating" a 49-year-old man yesterday) is worried that Republicans want to ban child drag queen shows.…