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Bio Your friendly neighborhood NASA Mars rover. Exploring the Red Planet since 2012. Team headquartered at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory 🚀 @NASAJPL
Location Gale Crater, Mars
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Twitter Web App : ⚡️ The only thing better than exploring Mars is getting to share it with new friends. Check out this chat between #AstronautSnoopy and me.…

Twitter Web App : PEANUTS No dogs on Mars, but there are 4 rovers: Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity and me. #Mars2020 will soon arrive to continue exploring.

You can put your name on the next rover! Today, Sept 30, is the last day to sign up to fly with the mission #AstronautSnoopy

Twitter Web App : PEANUTS Good question! We’re trying to find out. I found evidence of an ancient stream on Mars that once flowed with water—something needed for life as we know it.

The #Mars2020 rover, launching in July, will take samples & search for more clues: #AstronautSnoopy

Twitter Web App : PEANUTS It’s colder on Mars than you might think! And it’s colder at your head than it is at your feet. Take a minute with this video to find out why.


Twitter Web App : PEANUTS Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun.The trip to Mars starts with the right rocket. 🚀 You’ve also got to launch at just the right time. This 60-second video explains:


Twitter Web App : PEANUTS You can often see Mars from Earth looking like a bright star with a red hue. Right now, you can’t see it because Mars is rising and setting during the day.

Here’s my view of Earth from Mars from back in 2014. You look like a wishing star! #AstronautSnoopy

Twitter Web App : PEANUTS As the two planets move around the Sun, they can be closer together or farther apart, but Earth and Mars are about 140 million miles away from each other (on average).

Find out more about Mars: #AstronautSnoopy

Twitter Web App : Wish you were here

You can send your name to Mars aboard the next rover, #Mars2020, but HURRY!

The deadline is Monday, Sept. 30:

Twitter Web App : Fun fact: Both Jezero on Earth and Jezero on Mars were once home to river-fed lakes.…

Twitter Web App : Live every week like its #BlackHoleWeek.

Spaghettifi your brain with NASA fast facts about these mysterious objects:

📸: Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration

Twitter Web App : Correction: these are the 22nd and 23rd drill holes. Guess I'm just excited for the science to come now that I'm out of solar conjunction. OK. Back to work!

Twitter Web App : Ever feel like youre being watched? 👀

These are the 23rd and 24th drill holes of my mission. Ill be doing follow-up observations with my ChemCam laser this week. Whatever youre up to back on Earth, I hope you have laser focus, too. #pewpew


Twitter Web App : Californian NASAJPL) 's Twitter Profile">NASA JPL PEANUTS NASA I hear from the team back home that #Mars2020 is out of the clean room for some environmental testing -- a shake test that will ensure the spacecraft can withstand the intensity of launch. Riding atop an Atlas V to space is no joke.

Twitter Web App : The beagle has landed.

#AstronautSnoopy came to visit NASAJPL) 's Twitter Profile">NASA JPL this week and learn all about my home, Mars!

Join PEANUTS in sending your name on board NASA’s next rover, #Mars2020. Submit your name by Sept. 30 at

Twitter Media Studio : Solar conjunction junction, whats your function? Blocking up comms and data and downloads.

The good news is that Mars and Earth are coming out of conjunction now, so youll start to see more raw images from me and blog posts from my team.

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