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Twitter Media Studio : .Ryan Penagos, visits Adam Savage (Adam Savage)s workshop where he shows off his Marvel Cinematic Universe props collection, including #IronMan helmets, #CaptainAmericas suit, and #Thors hammer! #EarthsMightiestShow

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Twitter Media Studio : Coming to Earth from another reality, America Chavez uses her superhuman abilities to protect its people. Punch through the fabric of reality with this weeks #Marvel101! #ad

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Twitter Media Studio : When will Miles Morales and Kamala Khan meet up again? Writer Saladin Ahmed is here to answer all your burning questions! #AskMarvel

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Sprinklr : Who's behind the mask of the Goblin King? Watch a sneak peek now, and tune in on Sunday for a new episode of "Marvel's Spider-Man" on Disney XD!

Sprinklr : Have yet to take a bite out of the #WarOfTheRealms? Start the globe-spanning epic in #MarvelUnlimited today with the event’s full reading list:

Twitter Media Studio : ONE WILL UNITE THEM! A mysterious murder will bring the heroes of the Marvel Universe together in ways no one could ever expect:

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Sprinklr : Anthony Daniels (Anthony Daniels), AKA C-3PO from the #StarWars saga, drops into the latest episode of the #ThisWeekInMarvel podcast to talk about his new book, "I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story"!

Sprinklr : Are you watching "X-Men: Evolution" on @DisneyPlus this weekend? Look out for Rogue: #DisneyPlus

Twitter Media Studio : Comic book poetry. See what else critics have to say about Fallen Angels #1, in stores now! 🦋:

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Sprinklr : The #WomenOfMarvel podcast continues their look behind the creative process of "Excalibur" in the second part of a two-part series! Listen:

Sprinklr : A hero rises! Watch an all-new episode of Marvels #HeroProject now, streaming only on @DisneyPlus. #DisneyPlus

Twitter Media Studio : Can YOU guess that Marvel character? rob corddry tries his best:

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