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Twitter Web Client : Problem is, while these are good looks, they're not as efficient as other areas early on.

You could've bought 30 Havertz instead of 15x Moreno and 15x Abraham, and turned 300k into 900k+, and still have been able to buy these back for semi-decent prices.

Efficiency is key!…

Twitter Web Client : #TOTW1 Investing Guide out at 3pm UK!

Decided to leave this a little later this week, didn't want you guys investing too early with so many opportunities in other areas of the market!

Will be posting these every Thursday!

Twitter Web Client : Any questions that aren't "Keep or sell _______?"

Get them in and we'll pick a few to answer! 🔽🔽🔽…

iPhone : May do some shorter streams tomorrow and Monday, just chilling and covering some market on the web app!

Gonna stream for longer once the full game is dropped, can do so much more!…

iPhone : What’s good all, no trading done today, nice break if I’m honest!

Back tomorrow:

- TOTW 1 Investing Guide
- More Grinding

Web app is quickly becoming a drag to use, can’t wait for the full game for console access again!

iPhone : If I sold everything in my club now, I’m at 720k, however...

That’s including:
15x Saint Maximin at 10k
8x Mendy at 10k
6x Gnabry at 20k

When those ranges update, we’re looking at securing that first 1m 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

1m before 3 days early access on an RTG would be 🔥🔥


iPhone : What’s good guys, away for the day today, family engagement!

Keep grinding, and keep up with potential #TOTW2 inclusions, may see gold cards spike as people invest thinking they’ll rise when they go out of packs! 👌🏻

Twitter Web Client : Someone confirm if this works right now! Apparently you need to link your 2nd account to the same EA email account!…

Twitter Web Client : Proof of buy prices down below, just selected a few of the random cards from the list to show!

Bought these late last night.

Couldve sold for 4.2k right on announcement but was in a game at the time, was then 3.2k when Id finished, so waited for him to stabilise a bit higher!

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