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iPhone : As COP 25 wraps up today, Alleen Brown reports on how politicians and fossil fuel companies are engaging in “youth-washing,” co-opting young climate activists and their work to feign concern over the environment while continuing to destroy the planet.

Twitter Web App : the year is 2019 and president trump is discussing isis with prime minister johnson

Twitter Web App : The only way the left-right division of politics still makes sense is as a dispute over globalization. It has no coherent resemblance to what it meant during the industrial period let alone the French Revolution.

Twitter Web App : I interview Dr. Matin-Asgari on his book “Both Eastern & Western: An Intellectual History of Iranian Modernity.”

We talk Iranian engagement with German romanticism, Ottoman & Russian constitutionalism & Islamic socialism, challenging “East-West” binaries:…

Twitter Web App : "The panel is almost five metres wide and appears to show a type of buffalo called an anoa, plus wild pigs found on Sulawesi."…

iPhone : Today in Forgotten Genocides: That time that Pakistan slaughtered anywhere between 300,000 and 3,000,000 Bangladeshis in a failed effort to stop Bangladesh from breaking away from Pakistan.…

iPhone : Mélenchon, French left-authoritarian & guest at last year’s Labour conference, has views on the UK election.

Highlighting criticisms from the Chief Rabbi and “Likud’s various networks of influence” he says Corbyn was too apologetic about anti-Semitism.…

Twitter Web App : This general election result is nothing short of a catastrophe for the Labour Party, for London and for the United Kingdom.

The Labour Party will have to change fundamentally to rise to the challenges and confront the new political reality we face.…