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Twitter Web App : Some NFL players are wearing mics today and their comments are being recorded, including while on the field and on sideline. Who decides what gets deleted, what gets kept, what gets aired--for live or tape--and when do those decisions happen? An explainer: si.com/nfl/2019/10/25…

iPhone : Great insight and analysis. The boundary of what’s allowable under a clearly drawn Article 51 still seems to walk a thin line of subjectivity. twitter.com/mccannsportsla…

Twitter Web App : Based on Article 51 of the CBA, Michael McCann explains how Sam Darnold’s comment about “seeing ghosts” arguably shouldn’t have made the MNF broadcast go.si.com/Zx9v81A

Twitter Web App : Deandre Ayton is suspended 25 games for testing positive for a diuretic, which athletes have used to mask other substances. He says it was an unintentional error and will appeal. In a new Sports Illustrated and The Crossover legal story, I detail what he must prove: si.com/nba/2019/10/25…

Twitter Web App : With help of Bob Kraft, Gronk has pushed his CBD brand to doorstep of Gillette Stadium.
And if they can get CBD legalized in NFL, Gronk hints that could pave way for him to un-retire. twitter.com/marijuananews/…

Twitter Web App : Sam Darnold’s comment about “seeing ghosts” on MNF has turned into its own news cycle.

But Michael McCann explains how one could argue it shouldn’t have made the broadcast at all go.si.com/iRYJ7JG

Twitter Web App : Sam Darnold seeing ghosts raises interesting issues about the collectively bargained policy for on-field microphones and the limited protections players receive during live TV broadcasts of games. More here in a new Sports Illustrated and The MMQB legal story: si.com/nfl/2019/10/25…

Twitter Web App : MLB is investigating a tweet from umpire Rob Drake.

Michael McCann explains what room the league has to discipline him for it go.si.com/G0xETqc

Twitter Web App : What potential avenues does MLB have to punish umpire Rob Drake for his controversial tweet? Michael McCann explains go.si.com/CjH8PPZ

Twitter Web App : Jeremy Garson Random in a sense; the judges for appellate panels are selected through a paneling process led by the Chief Judge determined long before panel assignments to cases (so attorneys don't know in advance who will be on panel). I wrote about that back in 2016: si.com/nfl/2016/02/25…

Twitter Web App : It's still possible that the Astros could be sanctioned by Baseball. While the team has admitted it made a mistake, apologized and fired Taubman, MLB will still want to know if league rules were violated and if the club broke its obligations. Details here: si.com/mlb/2019/10/23… twitter.com/SInow/status/1…

Twitter Web App : In a statement announcing the firing of Brandon Taubman, the Astros admitted their initial accounting of the incident in the clubhouse was incorrect — “We were wrong,” it says — and offered an apology to Stephanie Apstein, the reporter who first wrote about it.

Twitter Web App : CS I appreciate that, and appreciate the civil debate, too. It's astonishing how often Twitter exchanges become enraged, including from people who probably wouldn't act that way other than on Twitter. It's good to agree to disagree sometimes and hear different views.

Twitter Web App : CS We don't know, he has't addressed it, and neither has the NBA nor the Rockets. I suspect, but don't know, that he took it down because of the controversy it caused and he had no idea that would happen and he didn't want all that attention.