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Sprinklr : When can you trust your #intuition? Daniel Kahneman, who won the 2002 Nobel Prize in economics, warns not to take it at face value. Gary Klein, a prominent psychologist, argues that it often supports good decision-making under high pressure. How to decide:

Sprinklr : Understanding what matters to the customers you serve is essential to improving their experience. And this applies to government agencies of all types as

Sprinklr : The right types of innovation and programs to manage its effects on society could double the potential growth in welfare—the sum of GDP and additional components of well-being, such as health, leisure, and equality—compared with an average scenario.

Sprinklr : Can artificial intelligence help society as much as it helps business? Yes, if two conditions are met: #AI #analytics

Sprinklr : McKinsey’s Robert Uhlaner led a panel discussion at McKinsey’s Global Business Leaders Forum in New York earlier this year. Heres a conversation with experts on mergers and acquisitions.

Sprinklr : When it comes to your organizations projects, how do you know when to let go of the underperforming ones?

Sprinklr : To change your mind-set from “fear uncertainty and minimize investment” to “gain from uncertainty and maximize learning,” read “The real power of real options”

Sprinklr : Overcoming silos requires end-to-end operating models and a strong dose of transparency, accountability, and coordination. But are these crucial moves enough?

Sprinklr : You can’t quicken the pace of an organization by fiat. You have to build it by accelerating the frequency of manageable practices that are integral to achieving key goals. More in our new research on winning in digital.

Sprinklr : Our research on how companies make investment decisions (capital expenditures, marketing and sales, R&D, and the like) suggests there are tangible ways to get better at promptly reallocating resources when the need arises.

Sprinklr : In an acquisition, our research finds a strong correlation between the preclose #organizationalhealth of the acquirer and the postclose financial performance of the newly combined company.

Sprinklr : Digital leaders appear to keep up a drumbeat in their businesses that can be 4X faster, and twice as powerful, as those of their peers. Heres how they do it.

Sprinklr : Seeking real-time digital learning, plus four other interrelated actions companies should take to support their digital goals, in our new research:

Sprinklr : The roles that create the most value in your organization may not be at the top. Learn how to get the right people in these critical seats on our latest podcast. Android: iTunes: Transcript:

Sprinklr : McKinsey and other organizations in The Alliance are proud of what they’ve accomplished and continue to work for a future for the LGBTQ+ diverse community especially when it comes to building safe, inclusive spaces in the workplace. #Pride #McKPride

Sprinklr : The exhortation to “change at the speed of digital” generates more anxiety than answers. So we recently completed some research that provides clear guidance. Here it is.

Sprinklr : We surveyed 500 #managers in the United Kingdom on talent best practices. The practices where non-#CEO respondents felt #leaders’ lack of support was most consequential were related to ways of working, talent engagement, and talent strategy.