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Bio Democratic Socialist/Progressive working to advance the efforts for renewable energy, M4A, & womens, & POC, & LGBTQ rights being Constitutionally Established.
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Android : Trump is weak; his base, small. Lies, lack of achievement and willful ignorance—or downright stupidity—won’t get him far in a real debate. Yet corporate media constantly bemoans an expressed conviction that “We need someone who can beat Trump.” What’s up with that? 🤔 #OneVoice1

Android : Anyone who has children ever listened to the teenagers in their life and the way they talk? I just heard two teenagers trading racial slurs at each other, and while I'm not proud of everything I did as a teenager, I don't think I was that callous. I hope I'm raising mine better.

Android : I think Trump calling Pence Mike Pounce shows the truth about the rumor of a rift between Pence and Trump and exactly how little time Pence has in this Administration.


Android : Let's be clear...

Trump is threatening to put all homeless people in internment camps.

This isn't hysteria. This isn't hyperbole. This is his plan.…

Android : This is not one officer. This is a system of control.

It is not one officer, it is a system.

Not one officer, a system.

Not one: a system.

You are nothing to this system and you will be made less. You will be this man. Only a matter of time. We are this man. Watch. #OneVoice1…