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iPhone : Geetika Swami It’s wonderful that you chose to use a museum painting to share your wishes - but never a good idea to watermark images in the public domain (Wikimedia) and also would be good to credit the source : in this case the Shams Palace - Tehran Ethnographic Museum.

iPhone : Learn about the importance of #food habits and #cuisine in colonial Bengal and how it continues to influence life even today. Dr. Jayanta Sengupta will also talk about #culinary habits and #cooking spaces and how they are perceived today.
This is a #freeevent.

Buffer : Have you ever wondered, what made a newly independent nation in the 20th century go back to an ancient Indian empire / a #Buddhist symbol for inspiration for its national identity? bit.ly/2Tx4a3S India, it’s been 73 years since #IndependenceDay 🇮🇳

iPhone : Painted by Madhu, a specialist of the ‘chehra’ in he 1590s for the Akbarnama, this may be the closest thing we have to a true portrait of Akbar

iPhone : HeritageLab 🏛🤺 India Independent indian history Indian History Facts Indian Film History Go Heritage India India Heritage Walks Heritage India @HOI_page India Love Google India Annie Besant AnnieBesant Annie Besant Independence day The Hindu - Chennai Chennai Times Chennai news Tamilnadu Tourism Tamil Nadu People Rajendra Agrawal MeerutCitizens Forum So Meerut Meerut News Cantt Board Meerut Sepoy Mutiny Mangal Pandey General Knowledge Civil Services Times What Do You Know About India ? #TodayInHistory British captured the Gwalior Fort in a night-time raid in 1780! They scaled the walls with 12 grenadiers & 30 sepoys.

👇The 58 ft 4 inches high idol of Adinatha at the Gwalior Fort. Carved out of a rock, wow!

#DoYouKnow the name of the posture he is standing in?

iPhone : #EidAdhaMubarak to all those celebrating! The festival is celebrated at the end of a Hajj (5th pillar of Islam) 🕋 Img from the Futuh al-Haramayn - from the .National Museum collection - a sort of lonely-planet-Guide for pilgrims headed to Hajj. Take a look bit.ly/2TmULvG

iPhone : Yes! I’m all for this! A horrifying account of a #museumvisit - which raises uncomfortable questions - in the 21st century we still don’t have enough dialogue about #accessibility to art / culture but so many conferences about #Audiences & #publicengagement 🙄🙄 twitter.com/Firth4th/statu…

iPhone : What does it take to give a good haircut? 💇‍♀️ Apparently a lot, as I learnt from my recent experience in #Chandigarh - This painting by #BhupenKhakhar is a reminder to how important old-school parlours are, as opposed to the “experience lounges” coming up these days. 😡