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Twitter for iPad : Check out this detail from a painting of Shahjahan’s hunt. The Asiatic Cheetah (one endangered specie) hunts another (the black buck). Today, the Cheetah is known to survive only in Iran ! #BiodiversityDay

Twitter for iPad : In India, ecology and #culture go hand in hand! Many tribes & communities associate nature with worship and other cultural practices. Forests, Rivers, Animals - all constitute our biodiversity! In this detail from a painting, can you name this endangered specie? #BiodiversityDay

Twitter for iPad : On #BiodiversityDay sharing this gorgeous #WarliArt by JivyaSomaMashe. The close association between human communities and nature + the fragility of humans in front of the ocean is something our generation needs to learn from - and what better than to head to #museums for this!

iPhone : An embroidered carpet from #Lahore, a Bed from #Kashmir and a bedstead made of pure silver!
Can you spot all these in the picture below? In 1851, London witnessed “The Great Exhibition” - wp.me/p7OdnT-1eq check out the India displays in the link - that boasted of #handmade

iPhone : On #InternationalMuseumDay today, head to any of these museums 👇🏽 and share up to 3 pictures to enter a chance to win an Instant Camera! instagram.com/p/BxfUbZyns-n/… Come participate in #PhotoMW + #ChaloMuseum

iPhone : So it’s #PlayMW and if you haven’t explored the .Salar Jung Museum here’s a chance to do it virtually + indulge in a #scavengerhunt ! Don’t we just love #museums - for personally it helps me relive childhood! theheritagelab.in/scavenger-hunt…