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iPhone : Am I having a fever dream right now…

iPhone : It’s a PIMPLE, Phyllis. Avril Lavigne gets them ALL the time, and she rocks harder than ANYONE alive.

iPhone : Bernie’s video team is so damn good, it’s incredible.

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iPhone : “Now introducing Elena Klobuchar to the stage”


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iPhone : #barbz4bernie

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iPhone : must say The Comedy Central Roast of Mike Bloomberg has a real weird vibe. do they normally let 5 of the comedians just whale on him? not many jokes here either

iPhone : Target: Destroyed

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iPhone : Ok I’ve been very disappointed by Warren the past few weeks but....HER KNIVES are OUT tonight on Bloomberg and I love it

iPhone : Yes, I still think about Call Me By Your Name every single day and become covered in full body chills. What about it?

iPhone : I haven’t even tweeted about Changes yet because I’ve been processing for a week how much I adore it and still am