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Bio Flee the shattered ruins of Moscow and embark on a continent-spanning journey in the greatest Metro adventure yet! February 22nd, 2019. Xbox, PlayStation & PC
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Sprout Social : They are fast, plentiful and will corner you with ease if youre not careful. The Watchman can summon other pack members if not dealt with quickly. Are you excited to go up against them again in #MetroExodus?

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Sprout Social : Lock and load Spartans! Dont miss out on any #MetroExodus Trailers.

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Sprout Social : Check out this Metro inspired heavy armor from Lee Yeong gyun. That would keep the Humanimals at bay!

Sprout Social : Matt We have offered the Spartan Collector's Edition as a standalone product so you can choose which version of the game you want to buy and where. It can also be purchased with the Aurora Edition of the game through

Sprout Social : Ryan The Spartan Collector's Edition is available exclusively at Shipping has been calculated based on the the size and weight of the edition (it's huge!)

Sprout Social : Have you seen the #MetroExodus Collectors Edition?

Crafted from the highest quality materials, this is now available to pre-order exclusively from our site.

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Sprout Social : King J The Spartan Collector's Edition is available with or without a game so you can choose how and where you get the game.

Sprout Social : QuePasa87 If you would like the expansion pass and Steelbook case included, then yes. The Standard PC version has digital copies of the OST and Artbook included.