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Bio Despite what his business cards say, Michael is not Professor of Bear Studies at Harvard University - Harvard University
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TweetDeck : J Dubz Fair point. I apologise if my webposting has inadventently caused any distress to your innocence. I vow to be more careful in future and I hope you can recover from the effects of this scandalous webposting

TweetDeck : Ciara King It's good that you're finally ready to confess for all the times you've antagonised me but I don't think they offer absolution via DM. You actually have to go to church.

TweetDeck : onlysome Good question. Your first step is to enrol in your local karate club. Then, after years of training, you will finally possess the necessary discipline to start becoming almost as good a citizen in your local community as I am

TweetDeck : Wilde Thingy Hmm, hadn't considered the possibility that it may be possible to take too many steps towards heaven. It's a delicate balancing act staying on the right side of the line. Terrible how even the best of men like me can be punished for their lifetime of good work in the community

TweetDeck : Sarcasticsapien Are you serious?? The e is OBVIOUSLY the most offensive part. You're clearly not as pious a member of your local community as I am. Shameful to see you promoting smut on the timeline like this.