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iPhone : Violence Against Women happens not because women are troublesome or disrespectful, but because abusers and perpetrators choose to use violence as a way to establish power and authority. #VAW is never the victim/survivors fault. #StopViolenceAgainstWomen #PreventGBV #EndVAW

Twitter Web App : Collaborating with Men: Two reports featuring ground-breaking research by Murray Edwards College to establish how men and women can work together to transform workplace culture barriers to women’s progress into leadership positions. murrayedwards.cam.ac.uk/about/womens-v… MurrayEdwardsCollege

iPhone : A new RMIT study has found the community is sick of stereotyped gender portrayals and sexualised images of women in ads, but feel powerless to stop them. Is it time for the government to ban these ads?

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iPhone : “Feminism is undeniably one of the most significant political movements of the last century. So what does feminism demand of men?”

I so enjoyed doing this, that my attempts at ’radio voice’ went out the window about 2 seconds in... 😂 radio.abc.net.au/programitem/pe…

Twitter Web App : Gender: Handy book-length introduction to how women’s and men’s lives and relations are socially shaped, including in institutions, interactions, families, and workplaces. In full text at xyonline.net/sites/xyonline….

Twitter Web App : Defining consent on campus: Council on Contemporary Families online symposium, 2019, featuring 38 pages of discussion on consent and unwanted sex on campus. Pieces by Virginia Rutter, Stephanie Coontz, Paula England, Deborah Rhode, etc. Available at:

Twitter Web App : ‘Parental alienation syndrome’: Popular among MRAs & fathers’ rights groups, and a common weapon of abusers in family law. But rejected by the medical community, criticised by scholars as junk science, and never validated by empirical research. Full text: xyonline.net/sites/xyonline…

Twitter Web App : Barbershop movement urges abusive men to tackle traumatic pasts. (The 'She is not your rehab' movement is empowering men to address domestic violence by healing from past traumas through honest conversations.) rnz.co.nz/news/national/…

Twitter Web App : We showed advertisements to ordinary men and women who agreed the adverts traded in outdated and undesirable sexism and gender stereotypes. theconversation.com/sexualised-and…

Twitter Web App : Community members see that stereotyped gender portrayals and sexualised images of women are common in advertising, and that these pressure women and men to conform to limiting stereotypes and have negative impacts on health and wellbeing. whv.org.au/resources/whv-… WomensHealthVictoria

Twitter Web App : Results of major survey into sexual harassment of retail and fast food workers finds women and younger workers at risk. humanrights.gov.au/about/news/res… AusHumanRights

iPhone : How to Be a Man: Update Your Ideas of Masculinity. (In the new book "For The Love of Men", journalist Liz Plank explores the myriad ways traditionally masculine notions harm men — and how we can all move forward productively.) flip.it/vqFKBa

iPhone : To date in 2019, 40 women, 11 children & 10 men have been killed in acts of domestic & family violence. When we started less than a week ago, it was 39 women, 10 children & 9 men. You can help reduce this awful toll on our families & communities. Donate -startsomegood.com/accountability…