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Twitter Web App : Michael J. Fell If anything, it is because of the fear mongering by the media and Dems that are driving gun sales. Many people want "a gun. It doesn't matter what, they just want to buy a gun" and the joke is that most are those that have been anti-gun advocates.

It isn't the NRA causing it.

Twitter Web App : Michael J. Fell They have NO idea what the NRA’s purpose (gun safety) is. The surge on guns is fueled 100% by the MEDIA, showing people hoarding, fighting for water/TP, long lines. Blaming NRA for this is like blaming AAA for for accidents, AA for alcoholics 🙄

Twitter Web App : Michael J. Fell You know they have to appease their base with fear, panic and doom. Heaven help people want to protect their families from the idiots who wish to take their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness away. I mean really? No question just statement.

Twitter Web App : Michael J. Fell Projections? Like the projections and models created by global warming pushers 20 years ago that never came true? Projections! Phooey!