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Bio Sr. Developer @filamentlab. Drummer for @theflyingmuseum. @MapleLeafs and @Saints fan. Tennis. Non-fiction. Sandwiches and beer.
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iPhone : The most frustrating thing in debugging is not finding the problem. It's when you find the problem, see the problem, fully understand and agree with the problem...and now don't understand how it EVER worked.

iPhone : 🔥 When implementing dark mode, don’t throw away the visual cues in the light version by naively inverting the color scheme.

Close elements should still be lighter and distant elements should still be darker – even in a dark UI.

iPhone : A Shopify site we work on is delivering webp images today. They announced they were going to support webp last month, but as of last week, they weren't telling anyone when it would rollout.

Well, it appears to be hitting some sites so take a look if you're on Shopify.

iPhone : I just got a nice little shiver when working out whether the binary on the ribbon of the new £50 banknote meant anything.

1010111111110010110011000 is 23061912 in decimal. Alan Turing was born on the 23rd June 1912. What a nice touch.

RIP, Alan.

iPhone : Absolutely think more people need to see this video of how voice actor Frank Welker made many of the lion roars for the original Lion King

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iPhone : Junior dev: I know everything, you can't teach me anything.
Mid level dev: There's too much to learn, I can't keep up.
Senior dev: I know nothing about coding at all. Farming seems like a nice career change.

iPhone : It's gratifying to see how many larger businesses are realizing that they are not "enterprise" after all and instead want great software. Welcome Staples Canada. twitter.com/LorenPadelford…

iPhone : P.K. bringing the 🔥 in the red mitts! 😲 (🎥 P.K. Subban)

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iPhone : After some years of testing recipes and reading cookbooks and watching food network shows obsessively for a living/hobby I’ve decided to share the things about recipes that annoy me, stand by

iPhone : Javascript developers trying to keep dependencies up to date

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