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Android : Genuinely conversation I just had...

Bloke pushing a bike “you don’t half look like joe wilkinson, sorry I’m not being rude”

Me “that’s ok”

Bloke pushing a bike “i didn’t mean to offend you”

Android : Jeremy Corbyn explains Labour Brexit Policy perfectly. Block No Deal. Secure GE. Negotiate Credible Leave Option. Put that to a Referendum. Voters must have a credible leave option, as voted by Party Conference.

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Android : This is huge. US-allied Kurds have just told Washington: Either stop the Turkish attack or the Kurds will make a deal with Russia and the Assad regime for their protection twitter.com/barbarastarrcn…

Android : Have you worked in the travel industry before? We have some full-time roles available in our Plymouth contact centre & you could have the skills we are looking for! For more information, please get in touch, including your CV, at workforus@brittanyferries.com by 15 October.

Android : So the UK is placing sanctions on its own citizens

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Android : From YouGov Johnson is currently negotiating a Brexit deal with the EU. If he does negotiate a new deal, who should be given the final say on whether or not to leave on those terms?

29% MPs voting in parliament

49% The public in a referendum

Android : Look at MPs records and tell me again how climate change 'isn't political'.

Climate Score (%)
Jeremy Corbyn - 92%
Caroline Lucas - 92%
Jo Swinson - 50%
Theresa May - 33%
Boris Johnson - 0%


Android : I bought a homeless guy some breakfast at a London Starbucks & the staff all knew him. Not all Starbucks are the same twitter.com/imajsaclaimant…

Android : Vote Lib Dem in Tory-Labour marginals & you help Johnson. mainlymacro.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-li…

Android : Time for another reminder.
A flag for inauthentic Twitter accounts is their failure to confirm an email when created.
Set your quality filters like this & you will not be troubled with notifications when the @ you