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Twitter Web App : the case for generational change in democratic leadership is just to get people who know what game they’re playing twitter.com/sahilkapur/sta…

Twitter Web App : ceeks 83% overall fresh

"Most viewers fell into an anxiety spiral after viewing the trailer for an upcoming Rebel Wilson romantic comedy and failed to compose themselves before credits rolled on the feature, but they were uniformly positive about the air conditioning."

Twitter Web App : southpaw Trump getting stronger: Great news for Biden, electability becomes more salient

Trump falling apart: Great news for Biden, bc it focuses the electorate on Trump's weaknesses

Trump hibernates for two months: Stasis, wow, fantastic for Biden

Twitter Web App : Harris Medicare for All plan is privatizing Medicare. Dont let them steam roll your family and friends with this bullshit.

This is what they want, and its a scam.

Twitter Web App : Dan Crenshaw i wonder if somebody found your other eye and immediately became a racist dipshit, like in those movies where somebody gets a serial killer body part which makes them do murders

Twitter Web App : so seethingly mad that bernie sanders wants to let poor people see the same doctor as me that i've retroactively decided every time someone has called me a "ginger bitch" on this website is worse than having a live grenade tossed into my apartment

Twitter Web App : Asia there should be a three-strikes policy re: waving. if you're documented engaging that third time, you get the privilege of waving directly into an active helicopter blade

Twitter Web App : BARGAIN ALERT

anyone considering paying the $45 required to do this one-mile run can instead venmo me only $35 and i can show you where you can run outside for a single mile, gratis

Twitter Web App : as a centrist, i evaluate everything on a simple scale, from -5 (literal atrocity) to +5 (basically tolerable, for everybody).

What i want to see, every time, is a 0

Twitter Web App : "Seven armed U.S. marshals arrived at his door in Houston last Thursday, arrested him on the spot, and took him to jail. He owed all of $1,500, outstanding since 1987."


Twitter Web App : *coughing on rainforest smoke*

but where will we possibly find the *hacking* money for *dies*