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Twitter Web Client : i would argue that there is at least one question and it's "is iran behind the attacks?" and the corresponding one answer is "probably not" but go off i guess Resistance Guy


Twitter Web Client : My Dad pulls me aside on prom night:

“Remember, of all the super heroes and villains, Magneto is the one you need to be worried about. All he needs is a little bit of metal. Iron is in your blood! YOU become the weapon! Anyway, what are you so dressed up for?”

Happy Fathers Day

Twitter Web Client : Hey Netflix, I’ve a prank show for you: we find the worst investor bros and toxic hedge funds and prank then into thinking they’re about to invest in some blood sucking miracle investment then reveal we’re gonna use the money to pay for thousands of people’s medical procedures.

Twitter Web Client : Dunkin' had one cash register that did not accept credit cards & one functional machine that was occupied by several giggling teens trying to pay in what appeared to be small-denomination Euro coins so my veins are currently coursing with an agitation that will power me til dusk

Twitter Web Client : it's hard to be an entrepreneur. i had to shelve my idea for "Smocaine: The Cocaine You Can Smoke" after someone exasperatedly informed me of the crack epidemic

Twitter Web Client : in my new prank show we just do the one prank -- convincing parents that their young child has fallen down a well -- repeatedly, three times per episode, for 46 episodes each season

Twitter Web Client : i hate it when movies tell stories that are "universal." i want to see references to my high school buddies, and maybe the film can cut away in the middle to an episode of 'Living Single' that i really like