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Twitter Web App : Star Trek has always been political. Before Trek, on Gene Roddenberry's series, The Lieutenant, scripts on racial bigotry and the inhumanity of warfare met network censorship. GR designed ST to use s-f allegory to tell stories that wouldn't otherwise be allowed on network TV. twitter.com/hollyamos22/st…

Twitter Web App : Reporter just now on CBSN: The Chief Justice DOES have the authority to make rulings. There's nothing forbidding him from taking a more active role in deciding how this trial will be run. It's "chilling" to watch him passively watching these proceedings and not assert himself.

Twitter Web App : Senate Republicans have made it very clear they don’t want evidence or facts.

They are not interested in the truth. One would suspect they already know the truth & they fear it.

They took an oath to uphold the Constitution & betrayed it. They'll lose in the end. #GOPTraitors

Twitter Web App : Proof Ukraine aid was conditional: OMB was ready to freeze money but waited until Trump heard from Zelensky about doing him a "favor." cnn.com/2020/01/22/pol…

Twitter Web App : Witnesses a threat to national security?
Whistle blowers also a threat?
Perhaps democracy itself is a threat to national security.

It's time to get rid of Donald J. Trump.


Twitter Web App : Aviation/space historian Dwayne Day on the potential for misinterpretation and speculation in articles on secret military aircraft that may - or may not - actually exist, and the need to read articles about "secret" stuff with a dose of healthy skepticism. thespacereview.com/article/576/1

Twitter Web App : John-Luck Pickard Sorry, no. In some cases, I took the time to write real labels for diagrams, but in many cases there was no time, so I used random numbers, which, when seen at a distance, gave the impression of text. (There's never enough time in TV production.) I might have done that here.

Twitter Web App : “Both sides are bad” is exactly HOW we got in this mess.
It’s true that “both-siderism” is now a term — but it’s a DANGEROUS TERM. twitter.com/MikeOkuda/stat…

Twitter Web App : “Supporters of Russian interests” pretend to be LOTS of groups of people, so they can turn the knife and stir up chaos and unease in every aspect of society. Even our fun— sports, fandoms and hobbies. twitter.com/MikeOkuda/stat…

Twitter Web App : There is a mismatch,but I don't think that's all. Dems are arguing for transparency+truth, and the trajectory of the investigation is at their back-every week new evidence comes out&its always bad news for,and never exonerates,Trump.The R's, in contrast, are arguing for a coverup twitter.com/gtconway3d/sta…

Twitter Web App : When people describe CBP as lawless, they aren’t being hyperbolic.

When a federal judge says of a federal agency that “I don’t think they are going to listen to me,” saying the rule of law is cracking is, if anything, an understatement. twitter.com/andy_sellars/s…

Twitter Web App : #Healthcare is on the ballot November 3rd.

Do you have a preexisting condition?

Does a family member?

Do you believe #Healthcare is a right, not a privilege?

#JoeBiden does. He will protect Obamacare and strengthen coverage for working Americans.

Count on it.#Wurd twitter.com/joebiden/statu…