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TweetDeck : Kevin πŸ‘ Glass I am DLing the second one now and am very psyched to play in a few days. The last one of the series is apparently just for people who like the game mechanics but not all the character building.

TweetDeck : My favorite "dumb" games (all of which still have fun stories): Red Dead I, GTA V, Bioshock Infinite, Dishonored, NBA2K16, Far Cry 3 and 4 (but not 5 because that ending suuuuucked).

TweetDeck : I tried playing Witcher III and just couldn't handle the idea that the character needs to be built up to a certain level in order to successfully complete various map sections. I ALREADY HAVE A JOB, thank you very much.

TweetDeck : for anyone in LA, the altadena farmers market is allowing online orders and contactless curbside pickup, with an option to donate food to seniors and/or EBT recipients: afm-subscription.com

TweetDeck : Mike Riggs reason Clarifying: I doubt Pennsylvania's numbers will look unusual in a week or two when other states have caught up.

But, also, the trade war made the whole of America's economy weaker and less resilient to a crisis like this. And -- unlike COVID-19 -- it was entirely optional.

TweetDeck : Should definitely note here that reason's resident trade war reporter Eric Boehm just slacked me to say he thinks Wolf's early business closures played a bigger role. "Pennsylvania is just ahead of the curve." twitter.com/MikeRiggs/stat…

TweetDeck : Sam Harden Yeah, court system constraints seem much harder to change. And it's not like there aren't already lawyers willing to work for middle class wages. Bigger gains from competition are probably in medical field considering the possibilities for practicing independently.

TweetDeck : Pennsylvania has half the population of Texas, but nearly twice as many unemployment claims in last two weeks. Why? One explanation reported by @maykuth: Trump's trade war had already weakened the state economy: inquirer.com/economy/why-pe…

TweetDeck : So, who's working on model legislation that will make these exemptions permanent? Because it's safe to assume medical and law trade associations are thinking about how to roll them back as soon as it's politically feasible to do so. twitter.com/MattZeitlin/st…

TweetDeck : And another: Federal compassionate release granted to a terminal patient at FMC-Butner. Judge noted age, illness, AND spread of COVID-19. DOJ did not oppose this request, which might represent progress.

TweetDeck : Also, lest this sound like a consumer complaining about not being able to go shopping: the musical instrument world employs lots of people in various types of jobs (media, manufacturing, sales, repairs, live events); music stores are community hubs; music instructors are mentors.

TweetDeck : FWIW, the guitar nerd ecosystem is my happy place and I would be 100% thrilled to be 100% wrong about the knock-on effects of this crisis.

TweetDeck : Also, used prices on Reverb for the brands I follow are plummeting. People are slashing their prices on mint/excellent/very good instruments by 15-20% (and many of the listings were not at all over-priced before the lockdown and discounts).