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Bio Recovering sports writer. Worked: ESPN, WaPost, NY Times. Lived: NorCal, Hawaii, NYC, DC. Author: Shaq Talks Back and, in 2019, the biography of Billy Mills.
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iPhone : To all the dads who raised or are raising good kids and stayed involved in their kids lives, Happy Father’s Day. To the rest, it’s never too late to reconnect and be that Dad. facebook.com/10000042026850…

iPhone : Ryan Kane Any logo that depicts a living people is wrong. Also, Brad Gallant on Shinnecock’s site: “NA culture differentiates between cemeteries by calling them burial grounds. They would never build a golf course on a cemetery while the term burial ground brings no such prohibition.”

iPhone : Can one of my brethren in the White House press corps please ask if today’s crowd at the Caps parade, which numbered in the hundreds of thousands and stretched to beyond the Washington Monument, was as large as President Trump inauguration crowd? I beg of you. #ParadeDay

iPhone : Jared Kahan Yeah, I’ve seen that before and it’s such a racist double standard. But let’s be clear — the Warriors received shots of Hennessey from the Oakland crowd today at their parade and it was perceived as part of the celebration, not, “Oh, no, the brothers are hittin’ the Henny”

iPhone : Eric Bickel As a media guy/former show host I came to hate weekly player guests a long time ago, because not enough are genuinely authentic and real on air. And there was Jay Beagle, about as genuine as they come with you guys. Beags made me believe before Game 3 in Columbus.

iPhone : These Caps’ frivolity-laced, beer-slogging stories reminds me of when fans, media AND management were privately worried about some players’ relationship with alcohol — circa, oh, 2010-13. Takeaway: we find different narratives to fit guys who win Cups and those KO’d in the 2nd rd

iPhone : I'm slowly fading away. For the record regarding Amare vs Miami: "It wasn't just the Heat. It was the stupidity." twitter.com/mikewiseguy/st…

Twitter Web Client : If i bet on sports, I'd box Justify and Restoring Hope and actually put a small wager on Restoring Hope to pull an historic upset. To get all my money back after Restoring Hope finishes second to last, I'd bet Pete, my best friend and warped Pats' fan, that Gronk finishes last.