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TweetDeck : On this day in 1945, an increasingly desperate Adolf Hitler retreats to a concrete bunker deep beneath Berlins bombed out streets. Within 104 days, the Red Army will be in the German capital and the Führer will be dead.

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Android : Paratroopers of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion preparing for a patrol, Bande, Belgium, 15 January 1945. Credit: Sgt. C.M.G. Lattion.

TweetDeck : On this day in 1793, King Louis XVI is found guilty of colluding with foreign powers to bring about the downfall of Frances Revolutionary government. The following week, hell be executed in front of a mob in Paris.

TweetDeck : On this day in 1797, a 27-year-old Napoleon Bonaparte thrashes the Austrians at the Battle of Rivoli. A street in Paris will later be renamed to commemorate the victory.

TweetDeck : On this day in 1991, Saddam Hussein ignores a United Nations Security Council deadline demanding that the Iraqi army withdraw from Kuwait. Two days later, a U.S.-led coalition will launch a campaign to liberate the tiny Persian Gulf emirate. : Death From Above – Inside America’s Air Campaign Against Hitler’s U-boats…

TweetDeck : On this day in 1943, Franklin D Roosevelt becomes the first sitting U.S. president to travel overseas by airplane when he departs Miami for the Casablanca summit in North Africa.

TweetDeck : On this day in 1950, a prototype of the Soviet MiG-17 jet fighter makes its maiden flight. More than 10,000 will eventually be manufactured and operated by the air forces of 36 nations. Nearly 70 years later, some are still in service.

TweetDeck : On this day in 1858, an Italian nationalist named Felice Orsini tries to blow up Napoleon IIIs carriage as it travels through the streets of Paris. When its discovered that the assassination plot is supported by English radicals, France threatens war against Great Britain.

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TweetDeck : On this day in 1842, an exhausted army surgeon named William Brydon arrives in Jalalabad, Afghanistan with news that an entire British army has been wiped out at Gandamak. The moment is later immortalized in this painting by Lady Butler.

Android : Cool historic #nowandthen photo showing Private Freeman Brougher sitting on his jeep in front of Mont St Michel in Normandy shortly after liberating it on 1st August 1944. He had driven in with two reporters & was overwhelmed by the population who carried him through the streets

TweetDeck : On this day in 1962, American helicopters ferry 1,000 South Vietnamese troops into battle against VC guerrillas near Saigon. Operation Chopper, as its known, represents a major escalation of US military involvement in Southeast Asia.

TweetDeck : On this day in 1916, two German flying aces - Max Immelmann & Oswald Boelcke - are both awarded the Pour le Mérite aka the Blue Max for downing eight Allied aircraft each.