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iPhone : AG Barr is giving an award to the team that helped get Kavanaugh confirmed despite this credible allegations of sexual assault & misconduct. Also Kavanaugh likely lied under oath. twitter.com/thedailybeast/…

iPhone : “Two F.B.I. agents interviewed Ms. Ramirez, telling her that they found her ‘credible.’ But the Republican-controlled Senate had imposed strict limits on the investigation.”

iPhone : ”But the bureau — in its supplemental background investigation — interviewed none of them, though we learned many of these potential witnesses tried in vain to reach the F.B.I. on their own.”

iPhone : At the time of c#Kavanaugh’s confirmation, many of us said that the FBI investigation was a sham limited by Senate Republicans. Now we know that for a fact. “Ms. Ramirez’s legal team gave the F.B.I. a list of at least 25 individuals who may have had corroborating evidence.(1/2) twitter.com/ronanfarrow/st…

Twitter for iPad : OMG 🔥😂👏🏾 Drew Comments
Kamala Harris #ForThePeople

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iPhone : Last night, I was asked if I’d buy back AR-15s and AK-47s.

I said, “Hell yes.”

If you’re with me, RT.

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iPhone : Imp thread by Kate Brannen on info potentially being hidden from Congress by Acting DNI. 2 things: (1) Acting DNI says wont turn over whistleblower complaint b/c supposed privilege claim of non-IC people & (2) Acting DNI consulted with DOJ about this - not normal. twitter.com/k8brannen/stat…

iPhone : Two things I have reason to be confident about:

1. Adam Schiff would not take this action, in such a public-facing way, with this much energy, absent legitimate concern.

2. Schiff and his staff will pursue this relentlessly.

This is not a false alarm. This is not a test. twitter.com/steve_vladeck/…

iPhone : ‘Barr politicizes everything’: Ex prosecutors rip Trump’s AG for honoring Brett Kavanaugh lawyers

iPhone : The possible “no bill” in the Andrew McCabe prosecution would be huge. That calls for an immediate TALKING FEDS NOW! emergency episode with great former feds to unpack what happened and assess the damage to the DOJ. Fortunately we have one right here:

iPhone : From initiating investigations urged by Trump,

To threatening auto companies who dare embrace cleaner air than Trump,

To twisting the law to serve and protect Trump,

We see the slow unraveling of a once proud Department of Justice –

And the interests of justice along with it. twitter.com/cnnpolitics/st…

iPhone : There may possibly be strategic reasons not to call her but saying there are other impeachable offenses that are “easier to prove” isn’t one of them. twitter.com/thedailybeast/…