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Android : Boris Johnson won the #C4debate debate tonight, with Raab a close second. Sajid held his own well, as did Gove. Poor night for both Hunt & Stewart.

Android : Esther McVey has told the Sunday Telegraph she is backing former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in the Conservative Party leadership contest after she was eliminated from the race in the first ballot on Thursday

Android : Who do we trust with Brexit? Surely someone who has spent 6 years negotiating in the Foreign Office. He has the experience with the EU as well. He also knows not to rule anything out in a negotiation. #ReadyforRaab #C4Debate

Android : Boris was right not to turn up to this debate. Channel 4 is an anti-brexit farce and in receipt of EU funds.

Boris is the real winner tonight.
#BackBoris #C4debate

Android : Now seems to be a perfect time to remind you all that Channel 4 are in direct receipt of EU funds

They are contractually obliged to not harm/damage the reputation of the EU

It would probably explain why the audience is top heavy with Europhiles. Clapping Rory Stewart?

Android : Raab has been solid thus far and would make an excellent PM. Destroying all the other candidates with ease and making Rory look like the deluded little man he is.

Android : The only people who back Rory Stewart are people who voted Remain in 2016.

Labour & the Lib Dems both seem to be backing him as well.

This speaks volumes.

Android : Why hasn't Rory Stewart joined the Lib Dems? He isn't a conservative and he doesn't want to deliver on the 2016 referendum. He is actively trying to destroy the Conservatives and put a Marxist into power - Which is exactly what will happen unless we leave on 31/10/19

Android : Yet again Jeremy Corbyn allows his anti-American prejudice to skew his moral compass and political judgment. #notfittolead…

Android : He’s not on the right side of history, he’s not even on the right side of the present…

Android : Don't think you'd get the opportunity to anyway, mate. Why would anyone ask you to serve in cabinet again after your shambolic term this time around?…

Android : Noel Gallagher, who says he would have voted Remain: "But the thing that is taking place after that [vote] is frankly a disgrace. It's a disgrace when you see people trying to get that vote overturned. Because that's fascism. Straight up. Pure and simple.”…

Android : Peterborough have been represented by a woman who breaks the law, and now a lady who succeeded solely from her colleagues breaking the law.

Peterborough deserve better. Peterborough demands Brexiteer representation.

Android : Cambridgeshire police confirm they are investigating five allegations of electoral fraud in the Peterborough by-election including boasts on social media of an individual burning "1000 votes for the Brexit Party" and the alleged involvement of convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood.