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Bio A grassroots campaign promoting Jacob Rees-Mogg & Brexit. Independent of Jacob Rees-Mogg. For business enquires please contact moggmentum@mail.com
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Android : My town has had one murder in the last 50 years. 2 rapes in about 30 years. 1 armed robbery in the last 10 years. I leave my expensive German car on the driveway at night without locking it. I often pop out and leave my front door unlocked. My town has a population of about 40k. twitter.com/CarolineVoaden…

Android : Jeremy Corbyn wants to cancel the referendum and argue about Brexit for years. I am committed to leading our country forward and getting Britain out of the EU by October 31st #LeaveOct31

Android : Sen. Neale Richmond 1) Yes it is.
2) Parliament voted it down THREE times
3) Agreed. You've demonstrated no goodwill or negotiated in good faith thus far. You can no longer be trusted.
4) No it's not, it's a trap designed to keep us under EU governance indefinitely.
5) Prove it.
6) No it doesn't.

Android : Why do you insist on a second referendum, when you've already said you won't accept the result if leave wins again?

Just be honest with the people. You want to overturn the democratic instruction the people gave to our representatives!

Own it. twitter.com/joswinson/stat…

Android : The British voted for Brexit,
Remainers attempted to wreck it,
But Leavers fought on
So soon we’ll be gone,
As we thrive on outside will they get it?

Android : We will leave the EU on October 31st, invest more money in the NHS and crack down on violent crime. #LeaveOct31

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