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Bio South West MEP, Green Party speaker on Brexit and on Finance and #GE2019 candidate for Stroud
Location South West
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Android : If you vote for me I will go to Westminster determined to #StopBrexit


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Android : Im dumbfounded that this government wont release the report about Russian influence. Because every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens Hillary Clinton tells us.

#r4today | #GE2019 |

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Android : 'Farage’s move means progressive pact now urgent'

'Labour’s obtuse refusal to stand down anywhere is colossal stumbling block: rule book prevents it, party chiefs say, though is ignored when ruling clique wants to impose candidate against local wishes'…

Twitter for iPad : This is important. In a strong remain constituency like #Stroud we could see >30% of the Tory vote got to Molly💚Stroud as the unitetoremain candidate.

By the time you flake off another 10+% that will go Brexit you have them on their knees in what used to be a target for them…

Twitter for iPad : Stroud is renowned for pioneering green ideas - let's match our spirit with a Green MP Molly💚Stroud

#VoteGreen #VoteMolly…

Twitter for iPad : Ours is up 💚 #Stonehouse High St.

So many reasons to vote Green -
❎ to stop Brexit
❎ to take serious action on climate change
❎ for crossparty working
❎ for system change - different kind of voting system, different kind of politics.

#votebrave #votegreen #votemolly

Twitter for iPad : UK government delay of Russia report is shaming, says Clinton.…

Twitter for iPad : "Many people voted Labour in 2017 believing it to be a Remain party only to find their votes used to back a ‘jobs first Brexit’."

✅ #StopBrexit

🗳️ Fix our unfair electoral system

🚨 Tackle the #ClimateEmergency

#VoteMolly… StroudGreens

Twitter for iPad : ‘Maths will solve the political mess’.

Yep. That’s the message to peddle to get people engaged with a democratic process.

Tactical voting is a rebellion against our electoral system, not a technocratic fix.…

Twitter for iPad : Richard Sharp Rachel M Smith We’ve tried for negotiations with Labour locally and nationally but their response is always to tell us that we have to stand down everywhere. That is undemocratic and simply unacceptable

Twitter for iPad : Farage announcement that his main objective is to block a #PeoplesVote is a clear indication that he knows majority now wants to #StopBrexit

Hideous pact with Johnson who also has no interest in a democratic outcome

We need to elect MPs who want to Stop Brexit on 12th December

Twitter for iPad : Destructive corporations have no place in our culture. Get 👏 them 👏 out 👏…

Twitter for iPad : A vote for the Green party is a vote for a future to be proud of, and it's a vote cast from a place of hope and courage, not fear. No one will ever bully you into voting Green

TweetDeck : My plea to the young people of Stroud.
Please use your first ever vote in #GE2019 to reject the stranglehold of the two main parties and their politics of fear.
If you believe this is the #ClimateElection and that we must #StopBrexit #VoteGreen2019…