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iPhone : Almost at $200,000 total donated to LoveFromSean for cancer research, patients, and affected families after 24 hours!! We made a goal to reach 1 million dollars raised at the end of the month. EVERY dollar makes a difference.

Donate here 💜

iPhone : I also feel it‘s important to acknowledge that I know it’s just a loud minority and I/we are very grateful to have so many amazing forward thinking fans. Thankful for you.

iPhone : You never know what others are going through that they choose not to share, especially those in the public eye. These are issues close to my heart and I hope people can learn to be more mindful.

iPhone : People need to be more aware what their words can do to others mental health. My own girlfriend has experienced harassment and racism online and in real life by people who keep coming to our home just because we’re together and it’s heartbreaking to see the effects it has.

iPhone : Went on a little weekend getaway to focus on just laughing and having a good time. I feel reset and more inspired. It’s so important to treat yourself I can’t stress it enough. Please take care of yourself I’m rooting for you and your happiness


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iPhone : Feeling a little emotionally exhausted and struggling to find energy rn. I don’t know if it’s just this time of year or what...

iPhone : It’s #WorldCancerDay and I would just like to say, to anyone battling this terrible disease, you inspire me. You’re stronger than this disease and it doesn’t define you. To families affected by cancer, my love goes out to you. I pray you can enjoy every moment you spend together

iPhone : Fuck it sometimes it’s okay to feel like shit and just have a “bad” day. Lay around, rest, and just do nothing if you have to but don’t think that tomorrow is gonna suck. Everyday is a fresh start🤍