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iPhone : Is it time to do something different with school accountability? What’s #TheAlternative to Ofsted?

My paper on the subject will be published in September. schoolsweek.co.uk/just-18-of-tea…

iPhone : Tomas Thurogood-Hyde Simon Smith At current taxation levels for levels of economic activity and wealth.
Something I doubt we will agree on.
No doubt aging population has implications.
This reaction giving complete inequity in living standards and the horrendous levels of poverty in UK (4m children?) is wrong

iPhone : Tomas Thurogood-Hyde Simon Smith Indeed and ultimately flogs those who are disadvantaged and already have significantly lower life expectancies.
Within Kent- Sevenoaks and Margate- there’s a 9 year difference in life expectancy.
9 years.
Poor work until death. The destruction of the welfare state

iPhone : Tomas Thurogood-Hyde Simon Smith Teachers and others can indeed retire before then and some flippancy in ya working til 75 is in jest (under current terms and conditions mind! You are more trusting than I in this)
But for those who are cleaners etc that’s 55 years at the “coal face”

iPhone : Simon Smith The trouble is I just can’t see how the approach- especially as framed- contributes to social justice.

Oldies always welcomed to work with me- whilst I’m still going myself!
Point taken though.

iPhone : Simon Smith Feel like it represents a way of imposing a reduction in the overall provision for a profession and a society; predicated in preserving the fact that so much wealth is concentrated in so few hands.
It’s the logical consequence of austerity- continue to laden the “masses”