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Twitter Web App : Nebura Senna in ARAM is going to be nerfed in 9.23 by removing the double stack mechanic. Then she'll be watched carefully and if still an issue, be part of the 9.24 batch of balance changes.

August is also keeping an eye on it.

Twitter Web App : It's Tuesday which means last day to get in changes for 9.23. Overall we're pretty happy with the state of things, just need a few minor tuning here and there.

How are all of you feeling? What comps/champs/items aren't working that you wish did?

Twitter Web App : Michael Andrei van Roon Shynkro Currently B-patches are reserved for emergency nerfs for things way out of line. We don't see anything that far out of line right now, so no B-Patch planned right now.

Twitter Web App : Cuongster That's a really good comp atm for sure!

...but wtf is that Jeweled Gauntlet doing

Twitter Web App : Tipsalewo I can't say for sure EVERY champ does something perfectly, but I can say Malphite does. He for sure ults twice if you have a mage cap on him.

Twitter Web App : Doug Yeah...I noticed that recently too. Wonder what caused it...I'll ask around.

Twitter Web App : Daniel Zenon Klein It has been a topic of much discussion today :)

Real talk, we know disables are ALWAYS going to feel bad. It's a question of how successful they are allowed to be...