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Naytev : “I tried to not let it get to me, but it made me feel like a used rag that was just thrown in the trash.”

The unique wreckage of the coronavirus on undocumented domestic workers:

Naytev : As coverage about COVID-19 continues to test our stamina and resilience, there is still, and always will be, some good news, including Some Good News, the new YouTube show hosted by John Krasinski that launched last week to 13 million views.

Naytev : Will Trump and his enablers ever face accountability for the coronavirus massacre?

"There ought to come a time for a tallying: who did what when, during a life-and-death national crisis…None of this should be forgotten," writes David Corn.

Naytev : In the "valley of the telescopes," remote education is a disaster. Learning from home is hard enough, but try doing it where wifi is illegal. Listen now:

Naytev : "Trump and Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and all of Trump’s other acolytes are probably getting people killed—and it’s concentrated among the people who voted for Trump in the first place," writes Kevin Drum.

Naytev : “Mass incarceration is a policy that makes no sense. This moment proves we don’t need to have jails and prisons bursting at the seams.”

Naytev : Donald Trump is once again boasting about his semi-ban on travel from China. But airlines suspended flights before he did.

Naytev : "No one should be making millions of dollars when doctors and nurses are struggling. They should put that money in a fund for more pay and protective equipment to save our lives.”

Naytev : Grocery store workers are putting their lives on the line. It's time to protect them.

TweetDeck : As death tolls mount for grocery store workers braving the coronavirus, they're calling for first responder protections and new CDC guidelines. New from me:…

Naytev : Mass layoffs have hit the National Rifle Association because of the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Politico, more the 60 NRA employees have been laid off in recent weeks, after the group was forced to cancel its annual meeting.

Naytev : The House just released a report about the federal response to COVID-19. Its bad news for Trump.

Naytev : A jail built on a landfill is at the center of New York's coronavirus outbreak

Naytev : “It was not long ago that people considered these ideas radical & fringe. Today they are mainstream ideas & many of them are already being implemented in cities & states across the country. That is what we have accomplished together.” —Bernie Sanders