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Twitter Web App : Steve Guttenberg YouTube Wouldn't go that far; Before the Flood, & Real Live, with none other than Mick Taylor, are pretty damn good; Rolling Thunder has it's moments, but still uneven, IMHO!

Twitter Web App : Billions on Showtime Can't believe Bobby rejected gorgeous Wendy; in real life; NAH! She was ripe for the picking; basically, threw herself at him; c'mon

iPhone : #HBOGO 190605-000474 do you broadcast in 5.1 surround or 2 channel stereo? My Optimum cable HBO is 5.1; my HBO GO APP is 2 channel on my brand new Sony XBR-55X800G; Netflix, Amazon Video and others are 5.1

Twitter Web App : Acura As soon as I saw it in the showroom, I said; "that's mine"; the sales manager ordered the same one; couldn't be happier

Twitter Web App : Steve Guttenberg YouTube ? How can you compare a YouTube video; (horrible 2 channel), to DVD/A, SACD 5.1, or Blu-Ray Audio? The dynamic range on a 5.1 DVD/A is light years head of YouTube; c'mon ,Steve!

Twitter Web App : Still Night Pearl/A-SPEC Red; depending on the light, it could be Blue or Purple/Blue; either way, #STUNNING!

Twitter Web App : Steve Guttenberg Had Wharfedale bookshelf speakers in the early '70's; they spent more time in the shop, than in my apartment; traveled many times to Long Island for repair of my 12" woofers; played music very loud!