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Bio “Money speaks for money, the devil for his own. Who comes to speak for the skin & the bone?” I work for @LauraPidcockMP. Views my own.
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iPhone : Honoured, humbled & grateful to have received so much support for my campaign for Ealing North.

It wasn't meant to be this time unfortunately but I'll keep fighting for Corbyn, for socialism & for working class people & our communities.

Solidarity ✊🏼


iPhone : Have to say, I’m very surprised & not a little disappointed to hear that Lewis Cox wasn’t even long- listed for Ealing North. I’ve got to know him a bit recently & he seems exactly the sort of candidate we should be fielding. Principled, intelligent & well respected locally.

iPhone : .Laura Pidcock MP speaking at the London Labour rally at the Emmanuel Centre, just around the corner from Westminster:

“I trust the people I represent & I trust working class people to see through the fake anti-establishment rhetoric of Johnson and his millionaire pals.”

iPhone : Brilliant from Will Kaufman, channelling Woody Guthrie at ‘Woody Guthrie and Old Man Trump’ at the City Theatre for Durham Book Festival: All you fascists are bound to lose.
👏👏👏 #nopasaran

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iPhone : I am, I believe, the only candidate whos going to say to the ruling class of this country, the corporate elite: Enough. Enough with your greed and with your corruption. We need real change in this country. #Bernie2020

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iPhone : This is The Labour Party’s policy on a 2nd referendum & a General Election, democratically decided at our conference: any newspaper editor, political commentator or individual MP is entitled to a view, but that’s all it is. Thanks Jeremy Corbyn for restating it:

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iPhone : Walls are closing in around Dominic Cummings. His Vote Leave tactics can’t even drag the hard right of the Tory Party with him. This temporary alliance was destined to fall apart: if The Labour Party stay calm & trust our instincts, we’ll see these chancers off:…

iPhone : One thing I’ve learned over the last 2 and a half years: Mary Pidcock knows her stuff. Great support for Kate Osborne locally. #Kate4Blyth

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iPhone : Priti doesn’t speak for that community, nor the millions of asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants who’ve made such a contribution to this country & our movement. All she does is poison the water. (4/4)

iPhone : I think of amazing Ugandan Asian women who took on Imperial Typewriters in Leicester (1974), in a long, bitter, but creative industrial dispute. Not only did they have to fight the racist policies of the company, but the far right & the resistance of the TGWU bureaucracy. (3/4)

iPhone : In fact, Ugandan Asians like Priti’s parents were expelled in 1972 & ended up in the UK, along with around 30,000 Asian East Africans. If they hadn’t migrated, they might well have been murdered (along with many thousands of Ugandan Asians) by the brutal regime of Idi Amin. (2/4)

iPhone : [thread]: Whenever I hear Priti Patel MP talk about being a ‘child of immigrants’ as cover for her rabid, hard right views, my stomach heaves. “This daughter of immigrants needs no lectures from the north London, metropolitan, liberal elite”, she says. (1/4)

iPhone : Absolute trash. You don’t have to be a liberal or a Europhile to understand that this kind of racist rhetoric will take us into a very dark pit. Time for people to decide whether they are going to stand up to this coalescing hard & far right, or let it drag us into that place.