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If you're a socialist, how can you believe in the radical restructuring of society without believing people are also capable of unlearning/changing their behaviour?

My theory is that you're not a socialist, you're a liberal.

iPhone : 19th February 2004, Lewis Murphy was badly injured in fire at garage where he worked as trainee. Due to negligence of his boss Glen Hawkins, fuel was decanted near an open flame. Lewis & boss were burned but due to lack of firefighting/ care for Lewis he was more badly burned 1/2

iPhone : Problem is Darren Grimes , you’re all about symbolism. You can ride that wave only for so long, until people realise that real pride comes from having schools that aren’t crumbling, mental health services fit for purpose, well paid jobs, communities with real local facilities...…

iPhone : I think what I liked most from Richard Burgon MP today at the Deputy Leadership hustings in Durham was the commitment to empower conference. Too few of our MPs talk about this long-standing demand from the grassroots of the movement, but it is a vital cog in democratising the party.

iPhone : Enjoying the leadership hustings at the Radisson Durham. One thing: I get the accessibility, logistical & security problems, but this is soulless, uncomfortable & uninspiring as a venue. We need to be creative & bold in the way we project our party & movement. Yes, it’s hard work

iPhone : I’ve always had criticisms of the Morning Star, but generally thought them a force for good over the years. But the transphobic cartoon they published in yesterday’s edition is a disgrace. I’ve seen their apology. Not sure it cuts it, tbh.

iPhone : Howell Harris You might be right that there is some denialism in a certain sections of the Labour Party, but I haven’t heard anyone say that we should replace the whole (s)electorate, as good old Tony does here. By the way, I’m not surprised: he tried to create a new party, after all.

iPhone : Very happy to speak at TUCNorthern Equalities conference about Labour’s plans for disabled people to access decent work.
Now more than ever, we, as movement must work together to campaign & bring about change. #HostileEnvironment

iPhone : Delighted to have received confirmation that I will be ranked third on the London-wide list for the Assembly election in May. In 2012 Labour won four seats and in 2016 we won three. Let’s get out there and smash this election and return as many Labour candidates to City Hall! 💪

iPhone : It was lovely to meet so many brilliant staff and students on the Durham UCU are on strike picket today. They are striking for equal pay, better working conditions, and pension justice. They have my full support in Durham and in parliament…

iPhone : Exactly. Everything about the North East - industry, culture, unions & economy - has been created by & alongside immigrants. The points based system is presented as a quick fix to low pay, when in reality it’s just another attack on workers’ & human rights - don’t fall for it.…

iPhone : This points system will have terrible implications for individuals & consequences across the economy. But the Govt won’t care, because this isn’t about jobs, wages or economics, it’s smoke & mirrors to direct anger away from the endemic low pay they have fostered in this country.

iPhone : Whatever you may think of his journalism, the website he runs or his affiliations, calling The SKWAWKBOX “ultra left” is as politically illiterate as it is juvenile. Argue honestly. No one owns the Labour left & no one has the right to silence debate within it.