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Android : And people wonder why so many questions are asked about the conduct of the Israel state...…

iPhone : Interesting thought...Could the resistance from Boris Johnson having to seek a Brexit extension stem from the fact that in January 2020 the new EU anti tax avoidance directive will become effective in the UK and impact those whos financial interest it is to leave the EU now?

iPhone : Outside the London-media bubble, this is the important message from Jeremy Corbyn & Liverpool last night: “We’ll do it ourselves, through social media, we’ll do it ourselves through our campaigns...creating that spirit of confidence that it’s ours to win.”

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Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson bullishly demands that his party send Jeremy Corbyn into orbit where he belongs.

He didnt seem quite as tough when the pair met during a vote to give EU nationals permanent residency in Britain, as Corbyn recalls...

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Android : Wow! We have absolutely smashed our target in just one day. Im truly humbled for all the support Ive received.

We will be stepping up our campaign over the coming days. If you would like to get involved, please email


Android : Rona Heron has the experience and the knowledge to support the #veterans community within the #OldSwan area. She has the practical skills and life experience, through working with disadvantaged communities for decades to deal with our more complex needs.

The government set the military on the streets just because people were demanding rights. Salaries aren’t enough.
WE ARE A DISARMED COUNTRY. They fight us with guns and we have bare hands.
Media is censoring this, please RT. MAKE THE WORLD SEE.🇨🇱🇨🇱

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Twitter Web App : Sky News U mean PM wants Parl’t to vote again on same issue even though they already did on Saturday. The amendment prohibits Govt from bringing same vote back before legislation of bill has passed!

Twitter Web App : Establishment narrative managers are falling all over themselves to explain that being a Russian asset isnt necessarily something youd be aware of, and not something thered necessarily be any evidence for, and not necessarily a term that actually means anything at all.…