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iPhone : The freedom to demonstrate is the mark of a good society. But threatening and abusing MPs on either side of the arguments is cowardly, and betrays the causes that demonstrators support. We must learn to disagree well.

iPhone : If you are haranguing and intimidating MPs you are part of the problem - no matter which side you are on. Thank you to the police for keeping everyone safe. Sorry your presence is needed.

iPhone : Thinking of all the MPs wrestling with a proudly difficult choice today. I hope they will make the final judgement (whatever it is) on the basis of what they think is best for the country, not be bullied, pressured or act from fear…

iPhone : Staying in mountain bothies was one of Jo and I’s favourite things to do. I even proposed in one. This feels like a good week to be back in one, getting away from it all and hoping to return reenergised.

iPhone : Books can be a powerful way for children and young people to explore their feelings around #grief and loss, which is why we have published a number of #books to help them.

You can find them all here 👉

iPhone : The betrayal of our Kurdish allies is truly and profoundly awful. One of Jo’s main priorities in parliament was standing up for civilians being massacred in Syria. If Jo were here today she would be asking why our government isn’t being more active and outspoken.

iPhone : Today is 35th anniversary of the Brighton bomb, I still miss my Dad. It is a transformational journey, always learning. Today I open my heart more to see the humanity in all, to give up blame & hatred, to act with love & compassion, being a positive change maker. #BuildBridges

iPhone : The 40-year-old man, who was arrested on suspicion of committing a terrorism offence in Manchester’s Arndale Centre, has now been assessed by specialist doctors and compulsorily detained under the Mental Health Act.

iPhone : I spent yesterday meeting counter-terrorism experts. More & more terrorists are committing acts of terror as much for notoriety as ideology. Please don’t help them achieve it. Journalists have a responsibility but so do we all via social media. Focus on the heroes.

iPhone : It takes a particularly stupid terrorist to target #Manchester Mancunians won’t give in, they won’t be divided, they won’t change. They will stand united as they always have. #Arndale

iPhone : Huge respect to the police who tackled the attacker at the #Arndale Just a reminder you can help by not speculating on motive until the police tell us and not sharing pictures of the injured.

iPhone : This must be from one of those FCO random tweet generators. ‘Disappointment’, ‘concern’, ‘restraint’. Must be stuck on the lowest setting.…