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Android : Mr Brassington ☀️ Its very interesting that SLT is lowest at the moment, when ime its the way SLT deal with issues that are referred to them that has the biggest impact on classroom behaviour. The same teacher can have great behaviour in one school and not so great in another.

iPhone : I will return when I feel better, probably in the new academic year, but I need some time to process things and reflect. Apologies for not replying to any tweets between now and then, I’ll endeavour to catch up. Thanks all. 🙏🏻

iPhone : Bev 🌹🌹 I’ve always voted Labour. The reason I won’t be next time is not because of Brexit alone. It is because I don’t believe that they represent my beliefs and values accurately anymore. They are so extreme left, the Conservatives are so extreme right, there is no centre left anymore.

Twitter for iPad : Teaching Science through stories…

Android : V excited to announce a BRAND NEW resource from EAL HUB -Text Talk Comprehensions. Based around high quality picture books they develop word/sentence level skills/vocab via conversation,inference&comprehension. Free one at - let us know your thoughts! RT!

Android : Stumbled across this book at the library. All about a boy croc who gets caught wearing a dress and heels that he found. Scared of what his tough dad might say. Turns out they are his dads. Triggered great convo between me and my 5yo.

Android : Knowing we had a BT engineer coming today weve spent the weekend tidying the garden so it looks nice for them! #WhyOhWhy??

iPhone : Sorting out stuff after house move and found this. Belonged to my dad in the 1950s and was a favourite of mine as a child. Had the Treasure Island version too. #forgottenbooks #booktreasures

Android : I use Stem a lot for science ideas and like how they have organised these resources…

Android : Been in to school today... so excited for the new school year to start in 2 weeks at Lemington Riverside Primary ; weve got a brand new curriculum, new logo, new uniform & refurbished classrooms. For me, the bedding in period is over and the real journey begins here! 💙💙

iPhone : Right I already feel nervous about the fact that at this exact moment in 2 weeks Ill be trying to get to sleep ready for my first day as a teacher with my own class. I already cant sleep thinking about it 😩😂😂

Android : In this world we’ve been led to believe that an ‘inspection culture’ is synonymous with a ‘development culture’; that in order for schools, leaders, teachers and pupils to improve, they must be constantly measured and monitored.

It’s not real…

Android : @MrsG I printed off different coloured shapes. We all took turns to tell jokes and if we laughed the person who said it would write it down. We did this for 6 weeks and I turned all their jokes into a joke book for them to keep. It was honestly so much fun

iPhone : I posted this earlier on fb and wanted to share. Can’t tag some of the people I want to. Twitter has had a summer blip but has genuinely made me who I am now. Thank you to all the people who kept me on track and happy. From a like to a comment to a gif to a DM. You are all lovely

iPhone : I thought I would do work today but I’m taking a nap instead 🙈🙈🙈#summerholidays

iPhone : As promised 🙂
There’s a few uploaded here for now! Will upload more soon and post the link. Enjoy!……

Twitter Web App : Simon Smith My dad died when he was 65. My husband is 9 years older than me... Theres every possibility that if I live to be 75, I wont get to retire and spend time with my husband. I find teaching exhausting as it is... Im 33. Theres no way I could do it.

Android : Ive had a revelation: coding (and therefore digital competency) is halfway between literacy and numeracy. Its the exacting nature of maths, paired with the skilled weaving of language to achieve meaning. The DCF is best achieved through the harmonious marriage of both. #dcf

Twitter for iPad : Get ready for some #MondayMotivation with this huuuuuuuge proof #giveaway! 🎉

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Android : This fantastic documentary from louise pirie and her team is on tonight, BBC one, 7:30 pm. It tells the powerful story of migration #fromsyriatoscotland in a sensitive way and captures people’s struggle for belonging- watch if you can and RT:… GRAMNet

iPhone : For anyone planning their PE curriculum next year with the use of coaches, rmbr:

...the class teacher always maintains overall responsibility for what is taught & coaches must work under the direction & supervision of a nominated teacher. - AfPE, Safe Practice 2016.

Pls. RT

Android : 🌟💭 Headspace are offering all educators (including all support staff) a FREE annual subscription!

It takes a minute to register and gives you full access to all content including simple meditations for children.

Link below 👇🏽

iPhone : Its been a tough year for LGBTQ+ educators - with massive focus on protests in Birmingham primary schools and the threat of protests elsewhere. Thats why its really important to support #LGBTed. Ill be proudly marching with them at #ManchesterPride. Fancy joining us?

Android : Another day, another resource✨ guided reading props! These can be found on the teachers pay teachers website under teacher bargain hunter’s page for FREE 👏🏼⭐️

Android : We are one year old!! Its exactly 12 months since our first episode. Thanks to everyone whos listened and supported from @methoddan and @ka81. We probably should have got a bigger cake but Dan is on a diet :D #podcast #UnattestedPod #PodBirthday

Twitter Web App : Mr M Anything written by Derek Haylock, specifically Mathematics Explained For Primary Teachers.

iPhone : Have you guys heard of Jord Wood Watches? What I love most is how they value sustainability, efficiency & have so many timeless pieces. I’ve teamed up with Jord to give away a $100 gift card! Click the link in my profile to enter! #giveaway #teachers

iPhone : Louise davies Thank you it’s lovely, hope you’re all having a good break? I can’t remember but everything that was left I’ve put in a bag and taken it to their new teacher, I’ll check when I go back in and let you know :)

iPhone : Here’s a back-to-school #KidsNeedBooks giveaway!

EDUCATORS and LIBRARIANS: RT/follow to enter to win this stack of books.



iPhone : Here’s a back-to-school #KidsNeedBooks giveaway!

EDUCATORS and LIBRARIANS: RT/follow to enter to win this stack of books.



School Direct ITT 2019/20 📚 Teacher Training with Deep Learning Teaching School Alliance .Pack Assistant (Cub Scouts). ⛺ .PLACED Ambassador.

Android : What did the police officer say to the man having a wee in the street?
Urine trouble young man.

Thanks Im here all week 😊👍#NationalTellAJokeDay

iPhone : So, a week on from our previous video and i’d like to say that Lottie has now got the hang of the agility tunnel 🤔 but sadly not 🤣🐶🐾🐾🐾

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Android : So much talk about staff #wellbeing within schools and I think this little postcard that I received today from our head goes a long way! Always lovely to be appreciated in the job I love doing ♥️ #PrimaryRocks #edutwitter #teachertwitter

Android : Sky Sports Statto 7 tackles is great as a personal achievement and fair play to him, however second was Pieters who had Aubameyang running at him all afternoon. AWB making 7 tackles doesnt say much about the rest of Utds defensive unit.