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iPhone : I will return when I feel better, probably in the new academic year, but I need some time to process things and reflect. Apologies for not replying to any tweets between now and then, I’ll endeavour to catch up. Thanks all. 🙏🏻

iPhone : MrT I’m all about the relationships this year! That is my focus, I think that’s the way to get through to this cohort!

iPhone : Yr 5 teachers/science specialists, what are your suggested practical experiments for Materials and their Properties? Or any recommended resources. Would appreciate any suggestions at all! #primaryrocks

iPhone : Mr Pink And, realistically, will we still be able to put in the hours and have the energy at 75? Don’t get me wrong, there are some incredible 75 yr olds about, but I don’t think I will still have the fire in 40 yrs time.

iPhone : This is superb.

Monty Python’s “what have the Romans ever done for us?” 👇😂

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Android : Ants build a bridge to the beehive by bodies of ants for honey

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Android : An important message for us all, as we begin to head towards the return to school and the new academic year. #wellbeing #collaboration #support #self-care

iPhone : I think after the amazing reaction, I definitely have to find a place to display this in my classroom! ⚡️…

iPhone : Doodles is having a grand time on his holidays. He looks so chilled out relaxed. #schooldog Home time soon Doodles x

Android : Yeah, I know I should have waited and posted all 4 of them together... but I got excited after completing the first one.

Here are my Inclusive Books KS1 & KS2
All four downloadable for free from here;…

Put a couple of pennies in a charity box instead!

iPhone : For a sentence to be complete, it needs to have a head and feet. Head is the capital, nice and tall, feet are the punctuation marks so he doesn’t fall. HEAD- Capital! FEET- Punctuation! Head and feet TO BE COMPLETE ✏️#literacy #lovethis

Android : In this world we’ve been led to believe that an ‘inspection culture’ is synonymous with a ‘development culture’; that in order for schools, leaders, teachers and pupils to improve, they must be constantly measured and monitored.

It’s not real…

iPhone : Oliver Mills Agreed. I wouldn’t pay to see any of them as I don’t find them funny. Your tweet made it to my timeline as someone I do follow also clearly didn’t agree with you. You made a deliberately vile comment on a public forum. That is the difference. Not cool.

Android : 🌿📖 Whole Class Guided Reading Activities: a Thread 📖🌿

Going to share some of my favourite activities I’ve trialled in Upper KS2 when exploring a text - great for different reading strands. By no means is it an exhaustive list but some ideas I thought were worth sharing!

iPhone : As promised 🙂
There’s a few uploaded here for now! Will upload more soon and post the link. Enjoy!……

Twitter Web Client : Tom Fletcher Really hoping you see this... Im creating a Reading Newsletter to promote different authors in my school. Could you send a message for the first reading newsletter please? Youre the only celeb author who writes quality books... the kids would be so excited!

Android : Learning & Memory or forgetting & the implications for teaching from research by Bjork. Things every teacher every teacher should understand 👇👀👍

Android : Ive had a revelation: coding (and therefore digital competency) is halfway between literacy and numeracy. Its the exacting nature of maths, paired with the skilled weaving of language to achieve meaning. The DCF is best achieved through the harmonious marriage of both. #dcf

iPhone : For anyone planning their PE curriculum next year with the use of coaches, rmbr:

...the class teacher always maintains overall responsibility for what is taught & coaches must work under the direction & supervision of a nominated teacher. - AfPE, Safe Practice 2016.

Pls. RT

Android : This is really interesting. Always keen to know more about Finland schools....this is just one example but still worth a look…

iPhone : Gareth Dixon I was in Year 6 in my NQT year and loved it! Advice- work hard to build relationships, be consistent and get as much support from your NQT mentor as possible. Map objectives for year together making sure there’s enough time for some last minute revision! Good luck!

iPhone : J.Grocott 🙋‍♂️ Morning #FFBWednesday Staying as AHT at my lovely South London primary school in September but trying to sort out moving house before the term starts. Hopefully completing on the house move today! Keep your fingers crossed for us 🤞🏻

iPhone : A meaningful life is not being rich
Being popular or being perfect.
It’s about being real, being humble
Being able to share ourselves
And touch the lives of others.

Pic Adrian Murray

Android : Could I ask you lovely people to please retweet my pinned tweet?

iPhone : Mr P Think it is... it covers last seasons games so I’d assume so... check it out anyway on skysports on demand

Android : Ive been adding to the 10 minute tasks in my drive, theyre great for concise but meaningful activities, the time makes them seem more achievable for students! Available here:…
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