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Twitter Web App : Known Communist Peter Griffin But I don't think we can solely blame Capitalism for it. WE CAN blame capitalism for increasing heart attacks, and other health issues but this topic is a little more complicated.

Twitter Web App : Known Communist Peter Griffin More complicated for me personally. It's always important to remember that U.S. has always been capitalist but lately in past 40 years the suicide rates gone up. I personally think it's because of less regulations put on businesses for pay, and treating their employees well.

Twitter Web App : Josh Messmer ☔️ J.J. McCullough I highly doubt Liberals will be able to keep up the same amount of support by the next election. Ontario's PC party was the main reason Liberals won. By next election CONS won't be in power in Ontario so Ontario will go more blue than before.

Twitter Web App : The Esports Writer I think Johnsun might be the next Doublelift after DL retires and isn't able to make it out of groups for the 10th year in a row.

Twitter Web App : Im absolutely heart broken. I have no words. 💔 My thoughts and prayers are with Kobe’s family.

Twitter Web App : Jaedon J.J. McCullough Yeah, I mean 2nd term is believable but no way he will win a 3rd term. I don't even think Scheer was the problem I just think bad circumstances lined up such as Doug Ford fucking the entire province of Ontario. Even Quebec turned on Liberals (not sexually).

Twitter Web App : Heres the truth: the billionaire class is fine with corporate socialism when it means they get billions in tax breaks and bailouts.

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Twitter Web App : J.J. McCullough Why is everyone so hung on who the leader of CPC is. Im 100% by next election Trudeau's approval ratings will be so low that CPC will win be default because NDP as a party kinda fell off after Jack Layton.